fitness – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


March 24, 2010 By Christy

While my weight stayed the same as last week, today I had an awesome non-scale victory and I’m so excited to share it with you! Challenge start: 139.6 Last week: 139 This week: 139 Pardon the squinting! It was freaking SUNNY today! As Renee said so perfectly, they fit so good, I would definitely wear […]

January 14, 2010 By Christy

With my travel last week, I didn’t have an opportunity to write my post out for the 1st Monday Project. Well, maybe I did and I was just avoiding it… What about 2009 (and beyond) did not work? What were my goals? Did I fall short of achieving them? If so, why? What were my […]

August 31, 2009 By Christy

Day 1 was GREAT! I was actually excited to get started, and since I was already familiar with all the exercises and the way it works, I dove in. I’m going to copy Melissa and do a bulleted list I chose to do the hardest level of workout and I like it. The inline skating, […]

August 26, 2009 By Christy

Starting Monday, the Sisterhood is taking part in the EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge. This is my beginning profile. Name: Christy Age: 33 Hometown: Leakey, Texas Family: Me, the hubs, BJ (5), & Mia (21 months) 1) Complete the following sentence – “When I look in the mirror I see…Someone who looks a lot better […]