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3 Seeds for Supercharged Smoothies One of the best ways to get a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients packed into one meal is adding seeds to your favorite smoothie. Hemp, chia, and flax seeds fortify your body with energy, fiber, and omega 3 fats. If you’re a seed novice, add any one of these […]

Do a search for ‘superfoods’ and at least 20 ‘Top 10’ lists will pop up. Opinions and advice about nutrition are never in short supply, but the key to optimal health is balance. Kale: Eat your greens! If there’s only one superfood you add to your diet, green vegetables should be it. Kale fights free […]

I’ve been on a baking kick lately.  Nesting? Probably. My freezer is filling up with baked goods. The good news? I’ve been very conscious of the ingredients I’m using in my baking. I’m subbing whole wheat flour, using applesauce or yogurt instead of oil where I can, and experimenting with ingredients I usually don’t even […]