free work outs | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Posted by april on April 24, 2009

Okay, folks, I know times are hard.  Seriously, I do.  If my electricity bill doesn’t come down soon, I may have to consider moving back in with my parents.  If so, you WILL see me go insane.

So, how many of us want to go to the gym but can’t afford that gym membership?  OR we would love to have a new work out DVD, but those we see on info-mercials are just too expensive??

Well, have no fear!  I have a few suggestions!

First, do you have cable?  I have Cox Cable, and in the Pay Per View section there is this thing called the Free Zone.  If you scroll on down to Health and Wellness, you’ll see something called “Exercise TV”.  (I know I’ve heard other cable companies, like Comcast have the same sort of thing!)  There are 22 different types of work outs on Cox you can choose from in this section.   I see everything from the 30 Day Shred (You ARE Shredding, aren’t you??)  to things such as pilates and yoga.  Now, I haven’t previewed any of the work outs other than the Shred because honestly, I completely forgot they were out there, but believe me, now that I know that I have them I will be trying a few of them!  And if you have Cox, you really should be shredding with us!  Just sayin’.

Okay, so maybe your cable or satellite company does NOT have this option, and you still can’t afford to go to the gym or buy the newest DVD program on the market.  What about you, right?  Seriously??  Who said you need the gym or a DVD to work out?  It’s springtime, so get outside!  Go for a walk or a jog or a hike!  Do you have dogs?  They will love to take a walk or a hike with you!  Or maybe take the kids outside and play a game of tag with them!

So, don’t use “I don’t have the money to join a gym or buy this new DVD program” as an excuse to not get up and get moving!  Get up off those couches and shrink those derrieres!!  Did you know that just by being on your feet, you can burn up to 30% more calories than sitting?  So, you have NO excuses.  Get up and find something to do.  Whether it be a free work out program from you cable company, a walk with the dog, playing tag with the kids, or even a jog by yourself.  Just do it!