friday – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s an amazing thing, this website we have, But every now and then, it makes us all mad. When growing pains happen and the site goes down, Behind the scenes, you’ll hear cussing all around.   Have no fear, Christy, Melissa, and Heather are on the case! They’ll work out the kinks! They have magical ways! […]

Happy Friday to you all! I’m wondering…. Would you play a game with me? Our Sisterhood is constantly changing and seeing new people, and sometimes it’s impossible to keep up, so I thought on this fine Friday, we would play a little game so that we can see all of the new faces. I’m also […]

I was reading weigh-in posts Wednesday evening, and this post by Sarah inspired me to talk about one thing that most of us may have had problems with when it comes to fitness. By show of hands (Yes, I can see you raise your hands.  Didn’t you know that?), who here has experienced this: You […]