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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s January 1st, and hopefully you’re waking (not hungover) from an amazingly fun night of celebrations, and ready to embark on the great adventure of celebrating and honoring yourself! YES! We have released and said goodbye to 2013, and now it’s time to embrace and take 2014 by the horns. So are […]

Sometimes, when you are starting out on a new goal, it’s hard to see beyond the initial excitement of the process. You’re all gung ho to get started, but that “honeymoon feeling” can’t last forever, right? Monica Bullock, a writer on Yahoo! Voices came up with the Ten Stages of Goal Setting. I think her […]

Have you guys found that losing weight or being healthy or being faster or stronger or flexibler or WHATEVER your goal is very much resembles a puzzle? You have all the pieces laying out there in front of you, it’s just a matter of putting it all together so that you can see the big […]

UPDATED:: The winner of the gift pack is MEEYEEHERE!! Congratulations! Be sure to email me at [email protected]! Hi there! We’ve talked several times about the importance of goal setting. It’s hard to stay motivated to get where you’re going if you don’t even KNOW where you’re going, right? Well, to help himself stay motivated, SUBWAY® […]

Psssst…can I tell you a secret? I’m not a big fan of working out. (ducks the rotten tomatoes) I’ve never really been a big fan of working out. I know that I have to. And I know that it’s good for me. But I don’t usually get that sense that endorphins are rushing through my body […]

Here we are on the cusp of a new decade.  Can you believe it?  A NEW DECADE!  It seems like only yesterday that we were all heading for our underground bunkers convinced the world was going to end once we hit 2000. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of changes in the last ten years.  Marriage, […]

When people hope to lose weight, there is usually a big motivator right?  A wedding, to lose baby weight or even a vacation. I have had every single one of those reasons, but yet it for some reason or another I never made it work for me. Now??? I want to change that. I need […]