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March 13, 2011 By lisa

I’m here but not here.

Life is CRAZY.  I don’t want to say that I am struggling because really, THAT was last week.  Now that a few weeks have passed since the shit hit the fan, I have come to terms with the craziness and accepted that it’s just going to be that way for a little while longer.  I have processed all that is going on and no longer denying it.  I am no longer procrastinating bitching and moaning and instead, I have moved into DO mode.

This morning Amanda joined me on my morning run and she helped me process IT all even more.  She is good like that and I love her for it.  She can tell that I am not so overwhelmed and in denial….now.  She is also GREAT at giving a listening ear and awesome advice.

The last three weeks have seen us sell our house much faster than we had planned (translation: we hadn’t quite figured out what we were going to do while our new house is being built; we have since figured it out), we hadn’t determined what course of action to take in regards to kids’ schools, my husband’s grandmother unexpectedly got very sick and in less than one week’s time, passed away, we have been planning a funeral, supporting my MIL in any way we can, picking up multiple family members from the airport, hosting said family members, attending the memorial service and funeral, dealing with all THREE kids having the stomach virus, AND entertaining the thoughts that we really needed to START packing since we have to be moved out by the end of the month.  Oh yeah, the same weekend that we should be moving, I will be in Arizona attending my sister’s wedding : ).

That’s a lot going on for such a short amount of time.  The one thing that has stayed constant through all of this is my running- it has helped me deal and process and let go and stay sane.  I’m not doing much else but those runs three times a week but whatever.  I’m working with what I have.

So bear with me for the next few weeks.  While I am here, I am not here….if you get what I mean.

I’ll be back, I promise.