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Happy Sunday!! Here is a delicious meal plan I put together just for you….well, just for me to share with you! Choose the whole plan and just print out the handy shopping list (you’ll have nothing to think about!), or just pick and choose a thing or two. All of these recipes sound great, so […]

Hello fine readers. How are you this beautiful (at least I hope it’s beautiful where you are) Sunday morning? Are you drinking your coffee and making out your grocery list? Well that’s convenient because if you look below, there a mess of healthy recipes and a grocery list. I know you have better things to […]

Once again Jen is sharing her bad-to -the-bone menu plan with us! Lots of great slow cooker recipes for those of you experiencing cooler weather FINALLY. As for me, Texas can kiss my butt, because it’s still pretty summer-like there. That doesn’t stop me from cranking down the A/C and making chili though! This week […]