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Well, maybe he isn’t exactly a BABY, but I will forever call the twins “my babies” and I think secretly they like it, despite the outwardly protests. Awhile back, I wrote about participating in races to benefit charities. This past weekend, I signed up to do a 5K for Sherry’s Wishes, a local … [Read more…]

I recently came across this article on WebMD when searching for ideas on healthy eating in children. Since I began dieting 3 years ago, I’ve made it a point to try and instill healthy eating habits and positive feelings for food in my children. This article touches on lots of the things I try to … [Read more…]

Every time I think of vitamins I always think of one of my favorite comedians, Lucille Ball doing her vitameatavegamin episode. That is a classic but what is great is now is that taking  vitamin supplements or a multi-vitamins these days does not have to be that hard. No foul smelling or bad tasting … [Read more…]

When you read anything about fiber, what is the first thing you think about, honestly? Could it be that you remember that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great sources of fiber? Probably not.  When I think of fiber the first thing that comes to mind is “keeping the body regular”. Or at least … [Read more…]

Not only has it been the season for all things Christmas but for a large majority of us it has been a cold and flu season as well. Nothing crashes a weight loss or exercise plan like not feeling well. During the first few weeks of the “Dreaming of a light Christmas” here at the sisterhood, the most … [Read more…]