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*Updated! Check the end of the comments for the winner. Thanks to all who participated! If you’ve been on the Weight Watchers forums, or read Hungry Girl, you’ve more than likely run across a lot of talk about VitaTops.  Personally, I’d heard a lot but had never tried Vita Tops or any of the … [Read more…]

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always been negative realistic.  In some ways, it serves me well, but largely it sets me up for failure.  After all, it’s a defense mechanism. Expect the worst, but hope for the best – and by anticipating bad things, I may not try as hard to meet my goals. Wahhh … [Read more…]

I LOVE Thai Food. Unfortunately, it does not love my muffin top (or maybe loves it too much, it likes to hang out there, set up camp, chill). Thai food can be SUPER unhealthy. Lots of high fat ingredients, lots of frying. Lots of rice. One of my very favorite dishes is green curry. Coconut milk, … [Read more…]

Right now, I’m sitting on our patio, overlooking the pool and the ocean. My son has finally passed out for naptime after fighting it for nearly an hour. It’s about 80 and there are about five books staring at me from the deck chair to my right. So, I’m not going to write a whole lot … [Read more…]

And the winner is…Dawn at BabyBoy3! Congrats, Dawn! Email me at [email protected] with your mailing info so I can get your subscription started! **** For me, health is all encompassing. Meaning, for me to feel truly healthy, I have to be committed – body, mind and spirit. If my … [Read more…]

The winner of the Hungry Girl giveaway is… Crystal over at Bye-Bye Fat Pants! Congratulations, Crystal! Please email me at [email protected] with your mailing address. Thanks to everyone for participating! *** For quite a while now, I’ve been clicking over to the Hungry Girl website … [Read more…]

I first made this recipe during the summer. It is an adaptation of an Ellie Krieger recipe from her show on Food Network, Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger. The biggest draw for me? One pot. Easy clean-up. That is a great thing. There was one problem with the original recipe, for me at least. I’m … [Read more…]

Drumroll please… The winner of the first giveaway of our Shrink-A-Versary is… Audrey over at The Lewis 4!! Congratulations, Audrey! Please contact me ([email protected]) with your info and I will put you in contact with Kristen to craft your custom yoga skirt. Whoopee! Thanks to … [Read more…]

Ah, Monday. The day we gather to confess our sins. Let’s see. Oh yes. Sunday I got my appetite back. There was much food carnage. Luckily, it was mostly snacking, no real meals. But, I ate pancakes with too much butter, grilled cheese and this crazy good apple cobbler thing that I will have to throw … [Read more…]

Here we are, at the start of flu season. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already gone and gotten sick. Yup, I’m in the middle of my first ever round of Tamiflu.  I still feel pretty awful – so I’m glad I got the Tamiflu. Not sure what shape I’d be in without it. The last day I ran was on Sunday. … [Read more…]

I hail from a moderately sized city, nestled between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle – Bellingham, Washington. I lived there most of my life until my recent move to the Seattle area, and while I was in Bellingham, I became familiar with a fabulous company called Baker’s Breakfast Cookies – now known as … [Read more…]

Let’s get to the good stuff!! The winner of the ToeSox giveaway is… Heather from Mama Sass! And the winner of the Weigh-In giveaway sponsored by Pat and Missy is: Jen from Daily Mish Mash! Congrats, girls!! Also a big THANK YOU to our prize sponsors! Email me at [email protected] with … [Read more…]