Lisa » I am awesome


It is late and I am writing on 10 hours of sleep over two nights, a whirlwind trip to the General Mills headquarters in Minneapolis, cooking in the Betty Crocker test kitchen (how cool is that?!), a flight home…..

I walked in my front door at 9:20pm, chatted with my MIL, my husband and Christy. 

I changed into my exercise clothes and popped in the EA Sports Active.

Even though I have had less sleep in the last week than I have ever not had in my entire life.

Even though I was in Minnesota all day, then traveled on a plane, then drove in my car.

Even though my body was dog ass tired before I EVER started exercising.

Sure, I could say I was doing it for me, but really, I was doing it for YOU.

I know that everyone else started today and I didn’t want to be left behind, ALTHOUGH I had every reason NOT to exercise today.

I did it anyway.

33 minutes of intensity level (cuz if I was already tired, then what difference did it make?  NO excuses, people).  210 calories burned.  18/24 tricks mastered during the SECOND set of inline skating. 

I rock.

I’m starting Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I exercised today.

I am committed to losing 10lbs over the next 7 weeks.

I am going to Shrink for Good.

I am done with moaning and groaning and coming up with excuses.


Are you on this bandwagon or not?

Boo-yah.  I am on FIRE.