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The past few weeks have been above average temps where I live, and as far as my pshyche is concerned, heat can only mean one thing… Ice Cream. Bowls of ice cream. Cones of ice cream. Shakes of ice cream. Dreams of ice cream. I try not to keep ice cream in the house all the […]

Alright, I really feel like my kids are the only kids still in school. Jacob doesn’t get out until tomorrow (thank you 53 inches of snow in February!!), so we are ITCHING to get our summer plans started. SUMMER!!! Summer means so many different things to different people. Maybe it means travel or cookouts or […]

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.  Terrible Tuesday? Tortuous Tuesday? Tattle-Tale Tuesday? Nope. True Confession Tuesday. Let’s air some dirty laundry, shall we? Let us know if you had a couple speed bumps this week or if it was all smooth sailing.  The first step in correcting a problem is identifying it! Confess, blog, link up.  It’s that […]

It’s Tuesday, and we all know what that means!  Yep.  It’s True Confessions Tuesday.  Did you have a rough week or weekend?  Did you indulge in something you shouldn’t have?  Well have no fear, you can confess right now, get rid of it, throw it away, and start over! Here are mine True Confessions for […]

Usually, I do really well at controlling my sweet tooth.  I can go weeks without touching sweets.  And then there are certain times (of the month) when I crave sweets.  Specifically, ice cream. So this last certain time when I was craving ice cream I happened to be in Target. (Not Super Target, just regular […]

Let’s just start off with a bang, shall we? Don’t tell anybody, but I’m a little over my computer right now.  I can’t figure out why, but I don’t want to read blogs, write blogs, or comment on blogs. Facebook is making me feel left behind and Twitter…well…I can’t catch up.  It’s a conundrum, because […]