illness | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Posted by crookedeyebrow on December 30, 2008

Not only has it been the season for all things Christmas but for a large majority of us it has been a cold and flu season as well. Nothing crashes a weight loss or exercise plan like not feeling well.

During the first few weeks of the “Dreaming of a light Christmas” here at the sisterhood, the most common troubles or upsets early on were with people being sick. Our only hope is that you all are back on the road to being healthy!

Who wants to work out when your muscles ache and there is that lingering cough anyways, right? Well some (crazy) people do but there are times where you should stop and check if you should be pushing your body to far before you do so.

The rule to consider is the “neck check”. If your symptoms are all above the neck, like a runny nose or a sore throat, then you’re okay to exercise.(But always listen to your body and tone your workout down a bit if your regular pace feels too much)

If you have slight congestion or low energy, exercise can actually make you feel better. An even paced walk can unclog your sinuses better than just sitting at your computer. Easy exercise will get your blood pumping and help battle that sluggish, rundown feeling. Just don’t forget that you are the best judge of how far to push yourself.

If your symptoms are below the neck, such as body aches, chills, stomach problems or diarrhea, then take it easy until you’re feeling better. Feeling hot with a fever??Then no matter where your symptoms are, put off exercising until your temperature returns to normal.

So knowing when to not exercise is important,but also how you are preventing becoming ill is just as important too. We teach it to our children, but are you following the same hand washing rules too? Like going to the gym and touching the same weights? The grocery carts? GERMS…they are everywhere!

Dieting(more so a strict diet) can also trigger decreased immunity. Making sure that you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients is the key. Our moms have always told us to get plenty of vitamin C too. Well she was right, taking an over the counter vitamin C won’t hurt this time of year. That or a great multi-vitamin if you are unable to get it naturally with your diet.

When all is said and done, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and resting well. If you don’t feel well, don’t give up! The key is returning to your weight loss plan once you and your body have recovered.