I’m so tired – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


February 16, 2011 By lisa

At the beginning of this challenge, I had high hopes that I would be safely in the 150′s.  Suffice it to say that I am not in the 150′s and I’m doing good to just maintain.  Life is so freakin’ crazy right now that I am struggling HARD to tread water and not drown in the myriad of details.  I am so incredibly tired every single day YET I am having trouble going to sleep at night, which is so unlike me.  I normally have no problems sleeping except in high times of stress.

I guess I am a little stressed out.

And tired.

Did I mention how tired I am?

I am doing the bare minimum to keep up with my half marathon training, at the very least, getting three runs in per week.  I am reading a book on nutrition for runners and that’s been enlightening.  I am *trying* to spend more time with my kids and give them more attention as I am finding that they behave better when they have my undivided attention.  When I run, I let myself go, regroup my mental state, and feel good about myself.

I want to put on my cheerleader hat and motivate you and you and you and tell you how proud I am of you and you and you.  It’s so hard to do when I can barely motivate myself.

I know, cry me a freakin’ river.

Oh look, I have peanut butter smeared all over my pants.  Awesome.

I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, that I am still here…..just treading water until life gets a little easier.