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Last fall, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans hosted our first virtual Couch to 5k training group.  I’m very proud to introduce you to one of our many success stories, Katie G!  She continues to be active in our current C25K group, encouraging and motivating our newest set of runners.  Katie … [Read more…]

Hi everyone!  I wanted to introduce you all to a friend of mine.  Laura and I worked together for many years and we still keep in touch through Facebook and the like.  She is super encouraging and motivational, plus Laura has done something so many of you are doing – changing her lifestyle and … [Read more…]

Hola!  For many runners, we get our start by lacing up our shoes and just heading out the door, without much direction or focus.  We don’t know what we’re doing, we start out expecting too much, and we get discouraged.  One way to increase your running success is to find a group of crazy like-minded … [Read more…]

You may remember that when I started the Older Sister series, I promised you some interviews. Well…..have I got an interview for you. I started blogging a little over four years ago. One of the very first people I “met” was Sharon Couto. We met over a blog post about miscarriage. We have become … [Read more…]

It’s time for our second installment from Laurie and her Shrinking Story. Last month was her very first submission, and I’m so excited to tell you Laurie’s made some big changes in her lifestyle! Keep reading and see for yourself! Just Try | Just Finish Hello Sisterhood!!! I am sooooooooo … [Read more…]

Last week, the spotlight was on our lovely social sister, Colleen. Today, she passes the limelight on to the beautiful Monica B.! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life, Monica! Name: Monica B. Blog: Twitter: @MonicaBenavidez Age: 25 Hometown: San Antonio, … [Read more…]

I am so excited to introduce Laurie to all of you! She’s been hanging around her at the Sisterhood for awhile, so you might recognize her! When we put out a call for new writers, she was the first to respond. Like within 37 seconds! After reading her submission, I knew she had a very important story … [Read more…]

From Christie O.: I was on the road last week for 12 hours so I didn’t get to check in until Monday and I almost fell down when I saw my name for the spotlight! OK, I was sitting so I didn’t fall down, but I did cry! So thanks Roo, for all your kind words, it was so awesome to meet you in … [Read more…]

Here at the Sisterhood, we LOVE to pick the brains of our Biggest Shrinkers! Our Biggest (female) Shrinker of the Shrinking Days of Summer challenge was Sarah, from Washing Away the Gain and she is wonderful enough to let us in on some of her wisdom and tips! Thanks, Sarah! We are so proud of … [Read more…]

At the end of each challenge, we like to announce our Biggest Shrinker, present him/her with a fabulous badge, and conduct a little get-to-know-you interview. Meet Christine! Christine was our Biggest Shrinker for the Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking Challenge, with 7 pounds lost! Way to go Christine! Since … [Read more…]

Thea, who blogs over at I’m a Drama Mama, has been a die hard Sister since we opened our virtual doors back in November. When we brainstormed new contributors, Thea’s name was the first to pop into our heads since she worked so hard with Beth on Tales from the Scales. And it’s our lucky day, because … [Read more…]

Congratulations to our Biggest Shrinker for the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge! Way to go Kate! She lost 16.7# during our challenge! You are such an inspiration to us all! Here is Kate’s story: Kate! I am so proud to say a Sister from my own town is the Biggest Shrinker! What was your … [Read more…]

You all have met our first challenge winner, right? Well,  Shelli lost an amazing 11 pounds during our “Dreaming of a Light Christmas” challenge and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Today we are excited to let you in on a few of her secrets from her winning interview. If you haven’t done so yet, … [Read more…]