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We’ve come to the end of week 2 in the Spring In2 Action Challenge! How are you doing? If you’re on Spring Break like me, you’re feeling a little lost. My kids are out of school this week, I have family visiting, and we are totally off of any kind of routine. SO FUN, but also so hard. Okay, so … [Read more…]

We made it through week 1! Are you springing into action? Revamping your eating and exercise? Renewing your goals? We hope so! This week we had some great losses from all of our Bud teams, and I’m not even going to get into the team names! LOVE THEM. All of you are so creative. We hope you’re … [Read more…]

DAMN! All of you did some serious shrinking over the past 8 weeks. Some of you were first time challengers, and some of you have been with us since leisure suits were in style! Either way, we’re so glad you’re here! Results 294.4 total pounds lost  from the final 42 challengers. WOW. That’s … [Read more…]

So last week I might have mentioned that this week was the LAST WEEK of the Power of One Challenge…..well, I was totally wrong. Yeah, I’m big enough to admit that I totally looked at the calendar wrong, and I obviously can’t count unless it involved subtracting numbers I see on the … [Read more…]

I’ve been a busy baking bee this morning, so this is going to be short and sweet! How are you doing? From the looks of the numbers, lots of you are SHRINKING BIG! Congratulations! We’re down to the wire, because this challenge ends NEXT WEEK! That’s right, so give us all you’ve got this week … [Read more…]

Welcome to February, Shrinkers! You know that just because it’s not January anymore doesn’t mean your goals and resolutions can go by the wayside! There are still 3 weeks left in this challenge, and 47 left this year. Where do you want to be in 3 weeks? Forty-seven weeks? Keep working toward your … [Read more…]

We are 4 solid weeks in and nearing the end of January. My goodness there’s some shrinking and moving going on in the leaderboard this week! Congrats to our fabulous TOP 10 Shrinkers this week. All of you are doing an outstanding job showing! Also, it seems like our shrinkers are dropping like … [Read more…]

It’s been three weeks! Are you feeling POWERFUL? We are feeling empowered by YOU. All of you are doing a seriously great job at shrinking. Reading your comments and your posts and seeing your comments on other Sisters’ blogs makes us feel over the moon. Keep up the great work, and keep spreading the … [Read more…]

We’re two weeks in people! Do you have that January 1st momentum, or is it waning? Looking at the numbers from the Leaderboard this week, it looks like everyone’s kicking some serious pounds to the curb. Keep up the good work everyone! Top 10 Shrinkers! Melissa A. 4.89% Becca W    … [Read more…]

Yes, this challenge is all about YOU. You’re not competing and there are no teams. But who doesn’t like to see a little leaderboard action? I mean really? What? You don’t know what a Leaderboard is? Well, it’s a board with leaders listed. Leaders being those who have had the most shrinkage … [Read more…]

First of all, I would like to make an announcement regarding the TOTAL number of minutes exercised by us in the past 6 weeks. You may want to sit down for this. We exercised 122904 minutes. 122904. That’s over 2048 hours! HOLY WOW! Amazing, amazing stuff. We all deserve a pat on the back for … [Read more…]

Howdy, there! Seriously? Are we really almost done with this challenge already? Once again, there have been some awesome losses shown by teams this week! I know how tough it is through these dessert-laden holidays. Oh, yes I do. I am so proud of you for trying to kick the holiday weight gain to the … [Read more…]

He-eeeeey, Ho-oooooo. Based on all the numbers this week, we have some teams who are kicking ass, and we have some teams who are fizzling. Which group are you in? Here are the results of this week’s weigh-in. Keep in mind that the Weight Lost Leaderboard is the cumulative %, meaning over the … [Read more…]

Some of struggled with the Thanksgiving holiday this past week and logged gains. Do not let a gain ruin your motivation. It’s only one week, and you CAN turn it around! Fitness Challenge Top 5 (minutes were averaged) Lean Green Losing Machine: 436 Winter Warriors: 370 Jingle Belles 2: … [Read more…]

The Holiday Hoedown challenge is off with a bang! We are going into the holidays SHRINKING! There were some amazing losses this week, and holy cow, did we rack up some exercise minutes! Top 5 Weight Loss Teams (overall % of team weight lost): 1.23% Holiday Hotties Team A 1.22% Holiday … [Read more…]