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Today was Shred Day Whatever.  I don’t even know what Day today was. My heart just wasn’t into it today.  I am ready to take a break from shredding.  I will finish my 30 days but then will move to something else for a short while.  Or maybe not. I am having a hard time today.  Not with shredding as … [Read more…]

I am STILL shredding. I did Day 1 of Level 3 yesterday and TODAY, my body is so sore. That’s OK. IT means that I am working it out. I have been doing pretty good with the eating aspect of losing weight. BUT, around 10pm most evenings, I have this insane craving for crunchy peanut butter. Crunchy … [Read more…]

I would like you, my darling 5 yr old, to STOP talking to me while I exercise. Today was Day 18 of SHREDDING. I have to be honest with you that today, TODAY, I had a hard time motivating myself to actually don my exercise clothes and well, exercise.  I procrastinated as best as I could, coming up … [Read more…]

I missed True Confessions last week…where was I?  Probably shredding!  Anyway, here are my true confessions, boring as they may be. Last week, I had horrible snack munchi cravings in the evenings. I gave in almost every night to those cravings. Except for last night. I ate dinner at 5:30pm and … [Read more…]

Just a quick pop-in. Did Shredding Day 14 this morning. Better than yesterday. Still hurts like a mother-trucker. My quads are sore, sore, sore and it hurts to go up and down the stairs. I sweated like a mother-trucker. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. My abs hurt. Thank you Jillian. I’ll be turning you … [Read more…]

Today, I thought I was going to die. Or at least lay down on the floor and go to sleep. For me, today (Day 13, I think) was the most difficult day. My muscles are sore and tired. My body is tired. My eyes are tired. I slept 8-9 hours last night. But I am physically exhausted. What didn’t help … [Read more…]

A size 16 at one place might not be the same at a different place.  You go to one clothing store only to HAVE to squeeze in the 16’s, but then you trot to the next clothing store only to be a Size 14.  It can make shopping for yourself a living hell, especially when you have no desire to be a 16 and … [Read more…]

I’m putting it out there for the whole wide world to see.  If I ever find myself faltering at this weight loss/healthy lifestyle thing, then I will pull out these pictures and remind myself of why I am doing this.  These pictures- they are my motivation. The first picture in each set was taken Day … [Read more…]

I finished Day 10 of Shredding earlier today, Phase 1.  I seem to think about shredding all day long, way before I actually DO IT and long way after it’s DONE. I am starting Phase 2 of the Shred tomorrow morning.  I have a few thoughts on Phase 1, as well as Phase 2 running incessantly through my … [Read more…]

Happy Easter! I’m out of town, visiting my parents for the weekend.  Yes, I have probably indulged a bit too much in “the good food”- hey, I am human and can admit that.  But I am also proud to say that I have continued shredding, on the road.  Today, I had an audience : ).    Is it just me, or is … [Read more…]

This week’s winner of the Sansa Clip MP3 player sponsored by our very own Lisa is… Melissa from Roxymommy! Congratulations girl! I know where you live, so your MP3 player will be on it’s way soon! ;o) Make sure you check out our current giveaway here! There are many ways to enter! Follow us on … [Read more…]

Our very own Lisa is sponsoring this week’s Weigh-In contest! She is giving away a black  Sansa Clip MP3 player! How awesome is that? AND if you win, she has offered to even download some songs from her personal collection onto it for you! A few of Lisa’s favorite features: small and compact can … [Read more…]

It was as not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I think the expectation in my head far exceeded what the Shred actually was, FOR ME. Don’t get me wrong.  It was hard and I was “heavy beathing” before the first circuit was over.  And push-ups are the hardest exercise out there and well, I … [Read more…]

I’m going on a very much needed “weekend away” with some very dear friends. We aren’t going far- just two hours down the road. However, I am scared that I will throw caution to the wind and SCARF down every single bad food put before me.  And drink.  And eat some more.  And drink some more. I know I … [Read more…]

I realize that Monday is more than half over- sorry!  Time slipped away from me.  Here are my confessions…. My baby is 6 months old and 16lbs 12oz.  Oh where does the time fly? I have been fairly good with watching what I eat. Except for yesterday at my cousin’s BBQ. I ate TWO hamburgers. They … [Read more…]