long walk – The Shrinking Jeans of April


August 24, 2009 By april

My friend Janet asked me if I wanted to go walking with her again tonight.  (Remember, Janet is TALL.  I am SHORT.  This equals a helluva work out for me.)  Since she’s moving to Boston soon, I told her that I did, and that I would meet her and Titan (her German Shepherd) at 7.

She asked if I was going to bring Kelci (my German Shepherd).  My first thought was NO.  Kelci isn’t always the best of riders, so I usually try avoiding having to clean up dog puke.  But it has been a while since she and I have gone on a walk, and she does love it.  So, I said sure, why not?

So, Janet and Titan and Kelci and I walked around the entire park.  A little over three miles.  What I found as I was trying to keep up walking with Janet, is how much I enjoyed being out and about with Kelci.  She’s a great dog on a leash.  I trained her to stay right by my side, and all I have to do is murmur “no” to her if another dog comes our way.

Then, I decided to try something…I started jogging.  Kelci kept up pace and seemed to enjoy jogging herself.  What a great jogging partner she would be…

I’ve already decided she and I are going to continue walking even after Janet moves.  It’s just as good for her health as it is for mine, and I just love walking with her.  Also, she’s so worn out from the long walk that she’s been too tired to annoy me or the poor bird tonight. (Usually she’s sitting here staring at me with that big goofy grin of hers.  Right now?  She’s passed out a few feet away from me.) It’s been a very peaceful here tonight.

But, what I may start to do is to slowly build up her endurance and make her my jogging buddy.  I usually hate to run, but I think it may almost be fun with her by my side.

I’ll keep you posted…