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So… a year or so ago? I was in a really, REALLY good place. I had discovered the concept of intuitive eating and had embraced it whole-heartedly. Or so it seemed at the time. Intuitive eating isn’t a diet. It’s about becoming more attuned with your body’s natural hunger cues and about creating a … [Read more…]

I know you have all been waiting and holding your breath, for like days. We’ve been waiting on official weight verifications from the winners and now we have them! Don’t worry if you aren’t our Biggest Shrinking Team, you are still a winner in our book! Winners! Losing 9.92% of their total body … [Read more…]

Happy Wednesday, Shrinkers!  Here we are at Wednesday already, so that means it’s time for our third weigh-in check for the New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge.  Are you still hanging in there with us?  Are you still sticking to your goals/resolutions? If you’ve fallen a bit to the wayside, there’s … [Read more…]

Good morning, my shrinking friends! How are you this fine morning? Yes, I’m trying to be overly full of sunshine, because ohmygoodness, this gray-gloom-and-doom weather is driving me batty and depressing the crap out of me. We are a few weeks into our weight loss challenge now and you should be … [Read more…]

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to weigh myself this morning. I am so into this New Year Weight Loss Challenge. It is making me very happy to have some focus again in my fitness and weight loss journey. How about you? How’s it going? Are you watching what you are eating? Are you … [Read more…]

Good morning, friends! How has your week been? Did things settle down a bit with the excitement of Thanksgiving long gone? Are you back to your regular routine and workouts? I hope so! Don’t forget, we also have some super-awesome prizes!  One person (who checks in on time) will win a great prize … [Read more…]

Extra weight around the middle is linked to increased risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Lose tummy fat to increase your overall health, lower your risk of chronic disease, and as an extra bonus, the following lifestyle changes also result in glowing, radiant skin! Citrus: … [Read more…]

There once was a woman from Belgium, Whose waistline had taken to bulgin’, She cut back on the cake, Long walks did she take, And now the scale once more is budgin’. That’s right, baby! I’m on my way back down to my happy weight. Only three more pounds to go! And honestly, I haven’t … [Read more…]

As I type this, my kids are in bed. This is probably the first time in two months they have been down before 10. You know what that means… SCHOOL IS STARTING! With school comes a ROUTINE. With a routine comes EXERCISE. I am sooooo looking forward to getting my groove back. Granted, I’m not really … [Read more…]

In my last post I said that tracking was eye-opening – and BOY! is it ever!! I have tracked most days since then. Simply knowing I was going to write it down has made me much more mindful of what I put in my maw (what can I say? I’m a sucker for alliteration!). In fact, the scale is already heading … [Read more…]

So, it’s Tuesday night and I am wondering how the heck it became August so quickly. I mean, life is moving at a warp speed and before you know it, I will be moving into our new house and my kids will be starting at a new school. WOWSERS! But first, today, on this beautifully lovely Wednesday, we … [Read more…]

WHOA! August? Where has the time gone? Another week, another check-in! Are you losing weight? Getting fitter? Accomplishing the goals you have set out for yourself? We’ve got some new events going on around the Sisterhood! The Olympics! It’s not too late to join in the fun! We’ve got prizes … [Read more…]

With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel: Hello tracking, my old friend  I’ve come to need you once again  Because of pounds slowly creeping  On my frame while I was “sleeping”  ‘Cause the issues that were planted in my brain  Still remain  I find I need your guidance. So. There it is. Me … [Read more…]

I had today’s post all planned out in my head. Then….Mel posted a story about her cruise. Basicly, it was almost the same thing I was going to write about. I told her so in the comments. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great post. It just kind of took the wind out of my sails. Ann (bless her … [Read more…]

I swore to myself that I would not ever buy another “diet” book. I knew what was the right way to lose weight. I knew that exercise was an important part of weight loss. I knew that there was no quicky way to get the job done. I knew that I had to do the work. Period!! Well…I started … [Read more…]