losing – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


October 6, 2010 By Christy

I’m just going to put it out there. I’m up this week. When you’re trying to LOSE, being UP sucks. I did get some amazing news this morning, and it almost (but not quite) erases the gain from my mind. You know I’ve been doing bootcamp right? For 5 weeks now, I’ve attended bootcamp 2x […]

August 25, 2010 By Christy

Could I really be on a roll? I’ve lost every single week for the past 5 weeks. Seriously. That’s so big for me. I haven’t been counting my WW points, and my exercise has been spotty at best, but I have been listening to my body. When I indulge, which I do from time to […]

July 14, 2010 By Christy

Good morning everyone I’m sure you probably didn’t notice, but I didn’t weigh-in last week. Why you might ask? Because I was up and I was embarrassed. Seriously. After have a loss the week before, and proclaiming that I was back on the WW wagon, I blew it and gained 1.4 pounds. Not cute at […]

March 24, 2010 By Christy

While my weight stayed the same as last week, today I had an awesome non-scale victory and I’m so excited to share it with you! Challenge start: 139.6 Last week: 139 This week: 139 Pardon the squinting! It was freaking SUNNY today! As Renee said so perfectly, they fit so good, I would definitely wear […]

February 17, 2010 By Christy

It’s weigh in Wednesday, and despite my many infractions over the past week, I’m thrilled to report a loss today! When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was completely shocked to see a brand new low for me! Seriously, I haven’t seen that number in at least 14 years. Wow! Last week: 138.2 […]