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Good morning, friends! We are getting down to the wire on this challenge! Just ONE! WEEK! LEFT! How are you doing? Have you been keeping up with our Mantras in May? And what about last week’s Sister Says? Did you do them? Last weekend, the lot of us (well most of the lot of us) […]

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already just over halfway through this challenge, isn’t it?!  How is everyone doing on meeting their goals?  So far, so good for me!  I’ve been drinking my water, tracking my food, and getting in my steps each day on my pedometer.  With all the walking I’ll likely be doing […]

Do you feel the craziness that is May taking you by the throat and squeezing ever so gently. Over and over? Well, I do. This morning as I was venting to Melissa via email, and then realizing I had today’s Mantras in May, she told me to Breathe. Just Breathe. JUST BREATHE. Oftentimes we feel […]

Today’s mantra is brought to you by our most awesome social sister, Colleen! Read more from Colleen here and make sure you join us on the ‘hood tonight for SisterChat! I cannot believe we are entering into our second week of May already! How did your first week of the May your way challenge go? […]