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Today’s post is a guest post from Dawn Karr. I know her as Mrs. Karr – she was my biology teacher in junior high school. I have been able to keep in touch and follow her story, thanks to social media, and how she has evolved into a runner. I asked her to share her story knowing that many people may … [Read more…]

The following is a guest post from friend and professional track athlete Katie Mackey. Katie is a professional distance runner for Brooks Sports Inc., an American running company, who is trying to make the Olympic Team in 2016! She is from Fort Collins, CO, graduated from the University of … [Read more…]

Fitness trackers are IN! You see them everywhere – or don’t depending on what an individual is wearing. They’re tracking steps, stairs, distance, calories, sleep patterns, and goals. If you’re serious about your fitness, getting in shape, hitting your goals, or in need of motivation, you probably … [Read more…]

There have been times that my roommates walk into the house only to hear *yours truly* uttering some astonishingly remarkable colorful language as I foam roll myself after a workout. I explain that, no, I am in fact not severely injured nor in need of assistance – I’m just stretching out my muscles. … [Read more…]

So, it’s Easter. A holiday blended with religious and secular traditions. And candy. Lots of candy. Today, you’re busy with friends and family and lots of food. You’ll either make ‘good’ choices or you won’t. I put ‘good’ in quotations because it’s alright to indulge every once in a while. … [Read more…]

I have decided enough is enough. I have allowed stress to rule my life and I am now saying NO MORE! I am weeding out the parts of my life that are not important to me in an attempt to make time for the parts that are. Or will be. We over-exert ourselves on a daily basis. My stress level has been … [Read more…]

It’s almost swim suit season. I don’t know about you, but my six pack is nowhere to be found and is probably still hibernating (and has been for years). In lieu of warmer weather and springtime clothes, it’s time to start focusing on my core. Our core is responsible for providing stability to … [Read more…]

Walking vs. Running: Which is better? While this may be the million dollar question, the reality is that it all comes down to what you want to accomplish. Aerobic activity added into any routine has been proven to promote weight loss, improve sleep, elevate mood, boost energy levels, decrease … [Read more…]

I’m not much of a cook, however, I believe in strengthening and healing the body through healthy food choices. And that includes spices. There are countless spices, powders and roots that are believed to have medicinal properties. One that stands out to me above all others, though, is … [Read more…]

Habits. Routines. Traditions. We all have them. When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, they can be good, bad and downright weird. Whether you listen to the same soundtrack during your workout or have a specific, nightly cup of tea to ensure slumber, these patterns trigger reassurance, … [Read more…]

Life’s busy. And sometimes (even though we hate to admit it), that can get in the way of a good workout. However, if you can put the excuse demons at bay and have a good 20 minutes, you can get a decent sweat fest in, especially if you do high-intensity interval training. High-intensity interval … [Read more…]

Recently, there’s been quite a bit of talk about sugar: hidden sugars, good sugars and bad sugars in our diet. There’s another white, grainy culprit, however, that has been cast to the wayside. It has been quietly sitting on the sideline while sugar takes the brunt of the negativity freely thrown … [Read more…]

These days, it seems like there is an eating program, food planning, calorie checking and special diets galore. My current personal vegan challenge, has gotten me thinking a lot about just how many different eating styles are out there. Whether it’s allergies to certain foods, trying a new way of … [Read more…]

  This last week has marked what I can now call an annual tradition for myself. I have embarked on a one-month vegan challenge. It’s not for weight loss, it’s not because I’ve joined PETA (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that) and it’s probably not going to stick past the … [Read more…]

Today is the day!! As a Colorado native, I might be a little biased. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GO BRONCOS!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, I might be a lot biased. On this day, football lovers and non-football lovers unite – some to watch the game and observe every strategy, hoping the money they bet on the game turns … [Read more…]