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Good morning ladies (and gents)!  How is everyone feeling this morning?  Hopefully, smaller, right?! It’s that day of the week where we check-in and weigh-in.  Yes, weigh-in.  Go ahead and get that over with if you haven’t already done so.  If you are like me, you weigh first thing after waking up, … [Read more…]

Good morning shrinkers! We hope you had a fantastical first week losing weight for this challenge! Did you rock your water? Is the number on the scale a smidge bit smaller? We sure hope so! Go ahead and jump on your scale and let us know how you did!! We’re so excited to hear about your progress. … [Read more…]

Hello hello! Happy Hump Day! You know what that means – Wednesday is here and therefore, hopefully by the time you are reading this you have already  hopped on the scale to weigh in for our Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge. How did you do in Week 2? Is your momentum still going strong? Are you … [Read more…]

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE We are three weeks in to our Spring Clean You weight loss challenge – which means we are in the home stretch. You have one week to finish up sweeping the dust bunnies and cleaning out the fridge. So to speak. But you know, really cleaning out the fridge is probably a good … [Read more…]

Week 2 of the Spring Clean You Challenge is over and out already! How did you do? Are you planning your *work* and working your *plan*? Are you finding certain areas of Spring Cleaning more challenging than others? MINI-CHALLENGE Last week, the weekly mini challenge was to try and get 7 hours of … [Read more…]

Hello, SHRINKVIVORS! How are you doing? Are you holding your own on your tribe or have you packed up and headed to Exile Island? You know, where all the cool people hang out, like myself! Cough. Fitness Challenge You guessed it, MINUTES! Gasp! Run, bike, jump, ski, you name it. Get that body … [Read more…]

Good afternoon, everyone! How are you doing? Are you off to a great shrinktastic start to our new challenge? Hopefully, you remembered to check-in yesterday! There were several people who didn’t and many of you who got a little confused or forgot. Those of you who were late but got a hold of us … [Read more…]

Good morning, all! It’s Wednesday, and not only is it hump day (am I the only one who giggles like a ten year old boy at that saying?) – it’s also the day where we say hello to our friend the scale. How did it go? Are you still on speaking terms with Ms. Scale? Did you give her the stink eye? … [Read more…]

It’s Friday and I want to know how you did with this week’s mini-challenge! Did you succeed? Did you find 3 ways to love yourself each day this week? Here’s my list: Wear make-up Wear perfume Buy something for just me (bought my favorite Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!) Worked out and felt … [Read more…]

Lots of us have negative body images. I’m sure a lot of us have called ourselves fat, hefty, fluffy, porky, or even worse. We’ve all complained that our thighs are too big, our butt is too dimply, our arms are too saggy, and our stomach is too flabby. The things is you don’t see yourself the way … [Read more…]

Hey guys!  The weekend is here and it’s a holiday weekend which typically means parties, get together’s and for me- too much snacking and not enough drinking of the water kind.  Keep journaling and hopefully, that will help all of us get through the weekend with minimal excess. I am super busy … [Read more…]

Anyone else finding it difficult to keep up with the food journaling?  Anyone, anyone? Talk to me folks.  Spill the beans- what did you eat and drink today?  Healthy?  Not healthy?  A little bit?  A lot? I struggled yesterday with the journaling and even a bit today.  I have been super busy … [Read more…]

Ok, we are in knee-deep with the food journaling, mini-challenge #4 here at The Sisterhood.  How did it go for you today?  Did you keep track of everything you ate and drank or did you veer off course for whatever reason?  Are you making better food choices?  I know it can be difficult to write … [Read more…]

Sorry for the late-ness of the check-in, life got in the way!!!! How did your food journaling go?  I am noticing that I a creature of habit, eating the exact same thing for breakfast and sometimes even for lunch.  Once again, I need to do a better job with portion control, or more accurately, … [Read more…]

Mini Challenge #4 is officially underway- woot, woot! All righty guys- it’s time to share your food journals for the day.  You can leave your food/drink intake in the comments or link to a post on your blog. Ready-set…….GO! … [Read more…]