MIND IT – 6/10 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


In poring over the fact that this weight-loss game is a battle of choices and consistency I thought maybe we could help a sister out. And vice versa. Because it’s not day by day or week by week. This thang is MOMENT BY FREAKIN MOMENT. Which door do I choose? I say that because in […]

People often talk about motivation as if it’s something they have no control over, like a flaky house guest who might steal away in the dead of night: “my motivation is completely out the window,” or “I wish I could find my motivation again!” We act like motivation is either there or not, and if […]

Hello, friends! It’s time to wrap up our February project which was to send our bodies into failure! (In a good way!) Did you do it again this week? Have you done it every week? How? How did you feel? Did you want to go back for more? Are you glad you pushed yourself (more […]

(If you’ve filled in the blank already with a word in your mind, keep that, hold onto it, we’ll get to it in a minute. Mkay?) I spend half my life apologizing for myself. I catch myself doing it all the time. I’m going slower than my running partner and I say something like, “I’m […]

Well it’s the end of February which means that this is the last week of  Operation Body Fail where “failure” is actually a good thing! Whaaaa? You haven’t done it yet? You must try it! Go exhaust those muscles, go run that fast mile, go push yourself whatareyawaitingfor???? Haven’t read the post? Catch up right […]

It’s February where the word “fail” is actually a good thing! Yep, Operation Body Fail is in full swing here at the Sisterhood, have you worked on pushing that beautiful body of yours wayyyy outside its boundaries? I have! This week I went into fail first thing Monday morning with pushups and by the way, […]

I wish I could explain how I sent my body into fail mode this week but I tried to picture how I would write it and it sounded a little vulgar. Did you reach body failure this week? For me, this week it was “ab” failure. Ab failure resulting in full body failure. All in […]

Good morning Power of One’ers! It’s that time of the week, the one where we tiptoe over to the scale, gently nudge it so as to not disturb the beast and then ease ourselves onto it so that it gives us a happy, wonderful number in return. So head on over to your scale and […]

This month we’re back to our normal regularly scheduled programming where the projects are monthly and all is right with the world! This one is fun because you can do it this week and use the rest of the month to build on it. It’s also great for those of you who are doing Couch […]

Last week, we got to know Joanna and this week she is passing the privilege on to Colleen! Colleen is our very own Social Sister and we just love her! Name: Colleen Blog: www.thefitbee.com Twitter: tryn2bfit Age: 27 Hometown: Boston Tell us about your family. I have my peanut she is 18 months old and […]

I am standing in center field. The dew of a day that is ending is all around me. The lights are on, it is almost dark. I smell the clay, the wet grass in the field. There is a light breeze. There is a very large man up at bat and I know he is […]

So, how did we do this week? Are you becoming your own CEO of your life?? I have to say, it took me days and a lot of inward searching to figure out how I was going to break out of my own rut here and move forward and be MY CEO. Here is the […]

I’m about to get all Sci-Fi geek on you, but I promise if you stick with me, it’ll make sense. Ready? One of my favorite shows is Stargate. (Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me.) On Stargate, there is a race of people known as the Ancients. The Ancients are human but have been around […]

We have been so inspired by some of your posts about your goals! It sounded sort of easy, but as many of you found out, it was actually pretty hard! But writing it all down is half the battle! NOW, it’s time for another project! It’s time to put your “goal” project to work! Part […]

Last week, we had an interesting response to project #2. (Sorry about the linkup post, I was traveling Friday but if you’ve done it, link up below!) Anyway, there were quite a few commenters who thought this project sent them right outside their comfort zone and honestly, WE LOVE THAT! WHY? Because. When I was in […]