no pain – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


February 19, 2010 By thea

Dude.  A super hero?  Oh yeah. I could totally be a super hero.

My super power? To feel no pain and have limitless endurance.

No matter how long I run, no matter how much weight I lift, no matter how long I work out for, I would feel no pain and I could keep on going.

Because, evidently, I’m the most selfish super hero ever!  LOL!

O.K.  Let’s see. How can I use my power for good?

I could raise money for charities because my race times would be so improved? I could help the environment because I would never have to drive anywhere anymore?

Aw, crap.  Maybe that’s not such a great super power after all.

Anyway, I would definitely NOT have a cape. Bad aerodynamics.  I would have a hot one piece number, like one of the X-Men. But not Cat Woman.  I may be a hooker, but I’m not ho!

So, a navy blue and green one piece number with a capital E for endurance.

That’s me.  Endurance Girl.