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Why hello there! How are you this fine Tuesday morning? It’s that day where we become our own cheerleader…shout our victories from the rooftops…it’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Now, you may be a little down in the dumps and saying ‘But Heather, I have NOTHING to toot about.’ To that I say…poppycock! Yes, I said […]

  Hi gang! It’s my first time since I had the honor of becoming a contributing writer here at the ‘Hood that it’s my turn for the weekly Toot Your Horn Tuesday post! For those of you who are new to the site, today is the day where we brag, brag, brag about ourselves. No […]

It’s Tuesday, and here at the Sisterhood Tuesday means it’s time for Tootin’. No, not that kind of tootin’. Sheesh. Toot Your Horn! Tell us all the amazing things you’ve accomplished this week. Are you kicking ass on our June Tone-Up Challenge? Are you really sticking with the June Tune-Up Challenge? You know, it’s never […]