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So I’m watching my BFF’s kids this weekend (plus my own three) and have been oh so busy tending to them, taking them to birthday parties, taking them swimming, refereeing a disagreement here or there, cooking, cleaning, attempting to finish my defensive driving course (doh!), exercising, working with my husband on the design part of […]

  I remember one time, not so long ago On Twitter, I heard some chatter to and fro About a new snack, someone gave a tip, and they were all loopy about something called popchips.   Whatever, I thought, I have a  favorite snack. These, popchips or whatever;  they sound kind of whack. Nothing can […]

It’s time to shake things up in the kitchen a little bit and introduce some tofu to your diet. Since fresh tofu is offered in so many different textures, this protein power house is a great alternative to meats in main courses, but is also a perfect addition to smoothies, eggs, dips, and soups. This […]

I only allow myself to have the “real thing” alfredo sauce quarterly (although lately it’s been maybe twice a year now.) But for every day, I’ve drummed up something that is a very, very close second — minus the guilt. I give you: My Alfredo Sauce. Oh sure the real thing has that smooth buttery […]

There is some buzz going around in my neck of the woods and it’s betwixt my runner friends. Ya know, since we’ve been known to share a lot of information with each other. Too much information in fact. Like running and unwanted *cough* pitstops in the bushes and whatnot on account of the GI tract […]

First, I want to offer up the Sisterhood’s thoughts and prayers to those who might be affected by the horribly tragic earthquake in Japan. I know we have at least one Sister who is stationed in Japan, and we’re thinking of her and hoping she’s safe. Let’s talk about food. Yes, food. It is not […]

++This Giveaway is now closed++ The winners are: Ellen B. (@elliebunny24) Lainie Painie at Healthy Schmealthy Still Mary! Email your snail mail address to christieo at! * * *   Why did the chicken cross the road? TO ESCAPE FROM MY MICROWAVE OF COURSE! I have become co-dependent on a very, very convenient chicken […]

Holy MOLY MOLY MOLY MOLY! We’re almost there! Next week is our last weigh-in for this challenge, how are you doing? Well, you know what to do! Head on over to the scale and find out how many numbers that scale is willing to give up for you this week! And we hope the scale’s […]

Winner winner!  Carrie Symes, please send your address to [email protected] so that we can get this cookbook mailed out to you.  Thanks and congrats! How many of you follow Weight Watchers?  Officially?  Unofficially? Not at all? I know there was some hoopla when Weight Watchers changed over to their Points Plus system, especially when all […]

Happy Friday! It’s time to share all our favorite links from around the internet in our weekly-round up! These may or may not be health-related today, because it’s Friday and I’m lazy and my head hurts. I received a late birthday present this week– a gift certificate to Gussy Sews. Ohmycuteness. Whatever shall I pick? […]

Yes, hi, I’d like the meat that’s not really meat on a bun and the meat that’s not really meat in a tortilla with a side of rectangle shaped pepperoni pizza with those little pepperoni nuggets that look like pepperoni but I’m not really sure if they are, please? If you were ever looking for a reason […]

Winner winner!  DebraCC, you are the lucky winner of this cookbook.  Please email your address to [email protected] congrats!!!! One of my favorite cookbook publishers is has come out with a new cookbook – the Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook. I love opening a new cookbook, perusing the recipes and planning out my menu […]

Santa has visited; presents have been unwrapped, and I’m sure you all had very yummy meals. Right? Right. Now I know you may be thinking, “Oy. I need to get back on track.” Just for you, I thought I’d share my favorite healthy treat from The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook. At only 152 calories per […]

We’re wrapping up this month’s project for November where we tried some of the recipes featured in the Taste of the Sisterhood and I got a chance to make a bunch of YOUR recipes too! It was AWESOME! And by the way, I went in for a second round of the crock pot oatmeal I […]

I should be sending you off with a recipe today that includes some variation of turkey but the truth is, I sent the carcass home with my mom so she could make some turkey soup so today I am featuring a non-turkey-thanksgiving-related recipe! Besides, maybe you’re tired of turkey by now and you’re in the […]