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This recipe was posted on the ‘hood by my good friend, Megan. It has become one of my family’s most favorite dishes! Enjoy! Taco Soup POINTS® Value: 5 Servings: 7 1 Serving = 1 cup Ingredients: 1 lb. extra lean ground beef 31 oz. (2 cans) kidney beans or chili beans 10 oz. Rotel tomatoes, […]

So it is fish fry season and this recipe comes just in time for lent. Not only is it quick and easy, it is heart healthy too! What you need: 2 pounds  fish fillets 1 Tbsp   fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup    fat-free milk or low fat buttermilk 2   splashes of hot pepper sauce […]

***************WINNERS HAVE (FINALLY) BEEN CHOSEN! So sorry for the delay!!*************** BOCA Meatless Products recently contacted the Sisterhood about hosting a House Party. Lisa and I held the party at her house last weekend, and it was so much fun! BOCA sent us a party box complete with coupons for free products, recipe booklets, an apron, oven […]

I have just recently started eating shrimp.  I’ve never been a fan of shellfish, fish, crustaceans, or any other word for things that inhabit water.  But, I’m learning, because it really is a low-fat healthy way to get some good protein in you. I found this recipe in the January 2009 issue of Fitness Magazine. […]

I am so excited to write this Food Edition of Thursday Threes! I love food- what “free” time I have is spent scouring websites, cookbooks, cooking magazines, looking for those recipes that sound interesting to me.  I love to cook and I love to eat.  These two simple phrases makes it imperative for me to […]

I’m no cook. I try, but really I’m more of a Preparer. Or a Combiner. Yeah. Combiner. That’s what I am. I like to find recipes with the fewest number of ingredients so that I have less of a chance to mess it up. Which is why this is one of my favorite recipes to […]

And the winner is…Dawn at BabyBoy3! Congrats, Dawn! Email me at [email protected] with your mailing info so I can get your subscription started! **** For me, health is all encompassing. Meaning, for me to feel truly healthy, I have to be committed – body, mind and spirit. If my head’s not in it, I will […]

The winner of the Hungry Girl giveaway is… Crystal over at Bye-Bye Fat Pants! Congratulations, Crystal! Please email me at [email protected] with your mailing address. Thanks to everyone for participating! *** For quite a while now, I’ve been clicking over to the Hungry Girl website looking for substitutions and fake-outs for some of my favorite […]

I grew up hating meatloaf. It seemed like my family had it ALL THE TIME! I understand now why. Money can be tight when you are trying to feed a family of 8 (I’m one of 6 kids) on a truck driver’s income. My mom needed to make meals that were easy and cheap. Now […]

This is sort of a re-post.  I posted it at first over on my personal blog.  It had been so long since I had made it, that I thought today was the perfect day to make it, take pictures, and post it here for you guys!  So, I hope you enjoy!  It’s one of my […]

I found this idea in the July/August issue of Whole Living, Body + Soul. If you don’t have a subscription to this magazine, I highly recommend it!! Don’t sweat the rising temperatures. Just drop one of these ice cubes infused with fruits, veggies, and herbs into a tall glass of water and watch the heat […]

We have another delicious recipe from Chef Devin Alexander for you this morning! And guess what else?! She is going to be participating in a Q&A session with The Sisterhood! So all those food and cooking questions you have always wanted to ask? Now’s your chance! Just leave your questions in the comments section below, […]

I recently came across Devin Alexander on Twitter and asked if she would be willing to share some of her recipes with all of us here at Shrinking Jeans! She agreed and I am so excited to be able to share these delicious, quick, and EASY recipes with all of you over the next few […]

I love asparagus and this time of year it seems to be readily available and reasonably priced! This recipe is one I haven’t tried, but I do plan to make it this week. It sounds so fresh and light, but filling! I think I’ll substitute some Barilla Plus fettuccine noodles in place of regular because […]

light meals POINTS® Value: 4 Servings: 4 Preparation Time: 15 min Cooking Time: 4 min Level of Difficulty: Easy Loaded with spice and lots of great flavor. Wrap in foil and take with you for an on-the-go lunch or dinner. Ingredients 2 tbsp Cajun seasoning 1 tbsp all-purpose flour 1 tsp paprika 3/4 pound(s) uncooked boneless, skinless […]