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This week is going to be a little crazy for me. My brother is visiting for a few days and then we (my brother, the kids and I) are packing up the car and driving to Ohio. It’s only a 7 hour drive so it shouldn’t be too bad, but it begs the age old […]

Since we became a family of five, air travel of any kind is limited to non-existent.  I mean, have you checked lately how much it costs for five people to fly anywhere, then rent a minivan (because of the car seats for the young children) and then reserve a hotel room for any length of […]

The final bell of school is getting ready to ring, and that means plenty of fun summer road trips! Plan ahead to make sure when you stop to fill up the tank, that’s all you’re filling up! What is it about gas stations that says Hey! It’s okay to grab some of those 2/$1.00 candy […]

Sooooo, can we just pretend last week didn’t happen? If you want to pretend that last week didn’t happen, please raise your hand. (Patiently waiting to see if anyone else raised their hand) Last week, my whole family took a little road trip to visit my husband’s family in Illinois. That’s about a 12 hour […]

I should just title this one True Confessions: The Road Trip Edition. I tried my best. I really, really did. But sometimes, when someone else is cooking, you just don’t have a lot of control. Or, you do have control, you just choose not to use it, LOL! It was either feast or famine as […]

So yeah, I’m the Sister who not only will be doing the half marathon with the rest of my Team Shrinking Jeans teammates this weekend (woot woot!), but I am the craziest of all for deciding to bring my entire family with me.  The crazy part isn’t that we’ll be together, no the crazy part is […]