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A couple weeks ago, I was putting the finishing touches on supper, supervising homework, breaking up little boy battles, and wishing my husband would hurry the heck up and get home so he could share a bit of the load. So, you know, a pretty typical evening. The phone rings. Great, I think. That’s J […]

You probably know this about me but I am a somewhat neurotic safety freak when it comes to going out and running on my own. I carry personal defense systems that shall not be named along with my tiny fists of fury. So when iSafe reached out to us to do a review, I was all […]

So rumor has it, there’s a pretty darn crazy heat wave gripping many parts of the U.S. Not that I’d know from experience, cause it’s not even breaking 70 here. Seriously. A guy actually added up the minutes over 80 degrees we’ve had this year, and it’s 78 minutes. Yes folks, Seattle has had 78 […]

It’s Spring. Can I get a HECK YES?! [raises roof] Time to get outdoors. Hit the trail. Get some fresh air. Eat some trail mix. Be one with the wilderness (okay, I got a little carried away). Yep – it’s hiking season! If you’ve never been much of a hiker, I’ve got to tell you, […]