san diego rock n roll 1/2 marathon : Team Shrinking Jeans


Starting Running from Scratch (Episode 3-3) from Joe English on Vimeo. Starting something new can be a really scary thing. Whether it is something you’ve done before or something you’ve only dreamed about, taking those first steps is sometimes the hardest part. On this week’s episode of the The Rungasm we’re joined by another guest. […]

Thanks to Coach Joe for letting me repost this video that he shot in 2010 while we were in San Diego with Team Shrinking Jeans to do the San Diego RnR half! We had a fun time! On-line Communities for Runners (Episode 3-8) from Joe English on Vimeo. We apologize in advance for the use […]

Last week we announced our plan to train for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon on June 5th. We can’t wait. There is nothing better than hanging out in real life with the Sisters and Brothers we know so well from online. Read all about it here. Now listen, we really, really, REALLY […]