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Deep in the jungle of that room that a lot of us have where we throw things when all of a sudden company is coming (We all have that room, right? No? OK, then.), I was on a mission to find a very rare species of exercise machine. This exercise machine is so rare, that it’s only seen once every three … [Read more…]

**UPDATED — We have a winner! Congratulations to Susan! I’ll contact you to let you know what to do next!** To celebrate her 2 Year Blogiversary, Ann gave away a copy of Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD. As it turns out, I was the winner! YAY!! Thank you so much, Ann, … [Read more…]

I know from chatting with a lot of you on Twitter that you love Chobani yogurt. I’m right there with you! It has quickly become my absolute favorite yogurt, Greek or otherwise. Not only does it have a wonderfully tart flavor, but it also has more than double the protein of traditional low-calorie … [Read more…]

****The winner of the subscription is Jamee from A New Kind of Normal! Congratulations!!**** I have a confession. I have a problem with magazines. I think I have subscriptions to…wait for it…at least ten. That’s a lot of trees, people. But honestly? There’s nothing better than opening the … [Read more…]

I came across this recipe on Tasty Kitchen a few weeks ago and it is so delicious! I first wrote about it on the Weekly Round-Up, but I decided it’s so good it needs it’s own post, and I also made a few changes to the dressing when I prepared it. I halved the dressing ingredients and it was more … [Read more…]

Here’s what I’ve noticed…taking care of myself is more than just working out and eating right. I find that if I’m not taking care the rest of my physical appearance – you know, showering, hair removal, doing some makeup, getting out of the yoga pants/workout gear from time to time, general … [Read more…]

Everyone who loves chips and salsa, raise your hand!  Mmmmhmmm.  That’s what I thought.  Okay, now how many of you fine folks avoid chips and salsa because of the calories in those yummy tortilla chips? Well have no fear, I am here to rescue you.  I found out about this little taste of heaven by … [Read more…]

UPDATED::  The winner of the pink Gymboss was Dawn at Babyboy3!  Congrats, Dawn!  Send your info to [email protected] and we will get this out to you!! I don’t like the treadmill at all. Like, at all. I get really bored and am constantly looking at the clock. When I try to cover up the … [Read more…]

**Congratulations to our winners: Audrey, Becca, and Tobey!! It’s time to get your dance on, girls!** Have you ever watched one of those dancing shows and wished you could do those dances?  Or do you just like to shake your bootay in general?  (Some of you may or may or may not like to dance in … [Read more…]