Shopping | Christy


Tonight Lisa and I went to my favorite store in the whole wide world – Target. Yeah, I love me some Target. Especially Super Target where I can buy my son a toothbrush, my daughter’s entire summer wardrobe, some avacados, and a few really awesome shirts that fit. Oh, did I mention shoes, too? Thank GOD I had Lisa, my fashion consultant with me, or I might have ended up with some more solid color, v-neck, 100% cotton t-shirts in a rainbow of fruit flavors and pair of yoga pants. Seriously, that’s pretty much all I wear. Sometimes jeans. And tennis shoes. It’s my uniform.

I’ve reached a point in my weight loss where it’s time to move down a size in clothing. The problem is I still see myself as fat. I don’t see a skinny girl in the mirror. Maybe it’s because I’m wearing clothes that are too big, too baggy, cut poorly? Who knows.

So tonight, Lisa started pulling things off the racks in sizes I was sure wouldn’t fit and patterns that I was convinced would look hideous on me. Did I mention they were not 100% cotton? And some might require tanks underneath because they were sheer? Shyeah. That’s what I was saying. So after standing in the juniors sections (I know, I’m 33 years old for pete’s sake) aguring about whether a medium would fit, Lisa finally roughed me up and threw me in the dressing room with an armfull of clothes. Okay, so I made part of that up. It was only half an armfull of clothes, because Target was closing in 10 minutes.

So after trying on several tops, I came to realization that I am shrinking, I am not fat, I can wear a medium, and I can actually pull off a non v-neck, patterned shirt quite well. I would have never figured this out if it hadn’t been for Lisa cheering me on and telling me how skinny I looked. Thanks girl, I love you!!!