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This week’s spotlight is fellow North Dakotan,  Kristin K.! Kick back and get to know this Sister a little better! Name: Kristin Wentz-Krumwiede Twitter: @SensationalMom Age: 30 Hometown: Bismarck, ND What is your favorite workout? I am in LOVE with this specific class at my local  YMCA, … [Read more…]

**THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!! ** The winner is: TISH!!! Please email me at christieo at with your snail mail and choice of shirt!! (I should get an award for longest post title ever!) Last year, I reviewed the wonderful company Girlz N Gear (you can read my Girlz N Gear … [Read more…]

I can say with conviction and 100% absolute certainty that I have never, ever, EVER, been a vacation exerciser. Vacation was a place to vacation — from everything a person needs a vacation from, calorie counting and exercising included. I gained 7 pounds on a cruise once. I didn’t learn … [Read more…]

We are looking for a Social Sister to head things up over at the ‘hood! Do you like to connect with individuals interested in health and fitness? Are you fun and bubbly? Creative and brimming with good ideas? We want YOU on our team! As our Social Sister, you will: *Come up with questions and … [Read more…]

As you know, the Sisterhood sisters spent a few days in Baltimore at Fitbloggin. We exercised together and we spent a vast amount of the time eating healthily, since Fitbloggin provided breakfast and lunch for all of us and there were yummy breakfasts that consisted of high-fiber cereals, … [Read more…]

Fitbloggin’ is for bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle. Two days of education, networking, friendship and fun. The theme from Fitbloggin’ that resonated with me throughout the conference was: Be Real. Being true to yourself, your story, your successes, and … [Read more…]

Hi everyone! We’re coming at you this week from Fitbloggin ’11, in Baltimore, Maryland! We have an impressive Shrinking Jeans Sisters turnout and next year we hope to have even more of you come with us! If you blog and you’re interested in anything to do with health or fitness (or if you are one … [Read more…]

Many of you who know me wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that every time I think of the word “try,” I think of the word, “tri.” It’s because “tri” to me, is the epitome of “try.” Not to everyone, just to me. I feel that way because the first time I ever raced in a triathlon it was so … [Read more…]

April showers bring May flowers… and a new challenge here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! That’s right! May 1st marks the beginning of a brand new challenge, so grab some motivation, start thinking about your goals, and begin planning for that new swimsuit you will be showing off come … [Read more…]

Hello there everyone! It’s the middle of the week, hump day if you will, and it’s time to check yo self! How did we do this week? How do you feel about the week? Go on in and see if the scale matches how you feel! Because quite often for me the two don’t match (does that ever happen to … [Read more…]

I only allow myself to have the “real thing” alfredo sauce quarterly (although lately it’s been maybe twice a year now.) But for every day, I’ve drummed up something that is a very, very close second — minus the guilt. I give you: My Alfredo Sauce. Oh sure the real thing has that smooth … [Read more…]

There is some buzz going around in my neck of the woods and it’s betwixt my runner friends. Ya know, since we’ve been known to share a lot of information with each other. Too much information in fact. Like running and unwanted *cough* pitstops in the bushes and whatnot on account of the GI … [Read more…]

Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month, Poetry Month, National Volunteer Month, National Humor Month, Eating Disorders Awareness Month, National Car Care Month (I might take advantage of this one!), and National Pecan Month? Those are only just a few that I came up with in just a few short … [Read more…]

There’s a sort of “girl power” feeling in the music these days and I gotta tell ya, I LIKE IT! We try to keep things positive here at the Sisterhood and we try to keep things REAL at the Sisterhood. We all share way too much information on the internet about working out and weight-loss (pee … [Read more…]

Since I started running and subsequently doing triathlons after having my bum firmly planted on couch for quite a while post-child, I submerged myself into a sort of culture of healthiness. I write about fitness and blog about fitness and have met great friends here online and through triathlon and … [Read more…]