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This week has been an eye opener for me. Do you have any idea how much frozen chicken I have? And how many bags of bagged salad I throw away weekly? It’s so sad! So for week one of our Pantry Purge Project here at the Sisterhood, I have made almost all of the frozen chicken I had stores of and … [Read more…]

We all have good days and we all have bad days, right? Here, we talk a lot about the good ones, but we leave our good friend, Tuesday, to talk about our hiccups. So today, I air all of mine, so won’t you air yours? I confess to the following: Biscuits and gravy at the Cracker Barrel. … [Read more…]

Wahoo!  Wahoo!  Wahoo! It’s MAILBAG MONDAY!!!!! WTH is Mailbag Monday, you may be asking yourself.  MM is the day that we answer YOUR questions.  YOUR questions, not my questions, but YOUR questions.  We announced this on this past week’s Weigh-in post and we are anxiously waiting for YOUR … [Read more…]

This recipe was originally published a long time ago…..sorry that I don’t have anything new for y’all, but I have lots of amazing women at my house this weekend for a little retreat. More to come on that soon, as all of them are members of our beloved Sisterhood!! This is one of my go-to Weight … [Read more…]

That’s right! You heard me! In celebration of the Olympic Winter Games, we are hosting our own bad-ass Olympic games right here at The Sisterhood. All shapes, sexes, athletic-abilities, and sizes are welcome to join in! Fun events will be featured on the ‘hood each day for 10 days straight, … [Read more…]

Yesterday was weigh in day, and we couldn’t help but notice that some of you are really struggling. Struggling with gains, with maintaining, with small losses. Well, this Thursday Three is going to be a gentle reminder, that it’s not always going to turn out exactly the way you want it to. Losing … [Read more…]

HOLLA Sisters (and brothers)! Good Weigh-in Wednesday morning! We’re so happy to see you beautiful, shining face (and your bed-head)! You know the drill! Run, don’t walk, to your scales right now! Strip down, pee, and jump on. Did the number go down? Did it stay the same? Go up (ugh)? No … [Read more…]

It’s Thursday Three day!!  If you’re new to our wonder and fabulous SISTERHOOD, the Thursday Three is a list of three things.  What kind of list, you ask?  Well, a list of just about anything we want.  And we’re asking you (yes, YOU) to join us.  I would dare you, but I’m told that daring doesn’t … [Read more…]

Rethink Your Shrink is about changing from the inside. It’s about looking back so that you can move forward by changing the present. We will re-evaluate our eating habits, our patterns, our obstacles and our activity levels. We will take with us what worked in 2009 and dispose of what didn’t. Good … [Read more…]

Right now, I’m sitting on our patio, overlooking the pool and the ocean. My son has finally passed out for naptime after fighting it for nearly an hour. It’s about 80 and there are about five books staring at me from the deck chair to my right. So, I’m not going to write a whole lot … [Read more…]

You guys thought we forgot about weigh-in today, huh? Of course we didn’t forget.  We just wanted to prolong it as long as possible. So yeah, go ahead and do that favorite Wednesday morning (or afternoon or evening) thing that you like to do called WEIGH-IN.  The only time this is my favorite … [Read more…]

*****Misty1975 is the winner of the Tide/Bounce gift basket from Proctor & Gamble! Congrats Misty!!!***** Today’s giveaway is brought to you by the awesome ladies at Procter & Gamble! Lisa, April, and I were lucky enough to meet Lauren and Sarah at Blogher Chicago back in July, and we had … [Read more…]

Now isn’t that a mouthful!!? November marks the one-year anniversary of The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. ONE YEAR! In the past year, we’ve had 6 weight loss challenges, several fitness challenges, and mini-challenges galore. We have members who’ve been with us from day 1, and we’ve been joined … [Read more…]

Wednesday night I went to my very first meeting for a triathlon group I just joined. It has taken me literally months to get the cajones to go join this club, I’ve been stalking their messageboard the entire summer. They’re real athletes with real purpose, it’s all very intimidating because here I … [Read more…]

Our new challenge starts TODAY! I cannot even TELL you how excited I am for this challenge. Not only will we be improving our own health, we are going to giving back to our communities while we do it! It’s a win-win, right? Lose For Good launches today and will run through October 17, 2009. Last … [Read more…]