Top 5 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


He-eeeeey, Ho-oooooo. Based on all the numbers this week, we have some teams who are kicking ass, and we have some teams who are fizzling. Which group are you in? Here are the results of this week’s weigh-in. Keep in mind that the Weight Lost Leaderboard is the cumulative %, meaning over the whole challenge; […]

Some of struggled with the Thanksgiving holiday this past week and logged gains. Do not let a gain ruin your motivation. It’s only one week, and you CAN turn it around! Fitness Challenge Top 5 (minutes were averaged) Lean Green Losing Machine: 436 Winter Warriors: 370 Jingle Belles 2: 288 Winter W0nders: 263 Tinsel Vixens: […]