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It’s True Confessions time people, wakey wakey! How have you been this week? Did you stick to plan? Did you fall off? Because whatever it is, fess it up, clean that slate and start over again fresh, mkay? Here’s my story. This past week, I’ve actually done ok. A couple of weeks ago my … [Read more…]

I have come to dread when it’s my turn to post on True Confessions Tuesday. Yeah, you read that right. Sure, I could confess that I ate BBQ once this weekend, ice cream twice this weekend, and exercised ZERO the last three days.  Those are all easy fixes in my mind.  The harder thing to *fix* … [Read more…]

As you know, the Sisterhood sisters spent a few days in Baltimore at Fitbloggin. We exercised together and we spent a vast amount of the time eating healthily, since Fitbloggin provided breakfast and lunch for all of us and there were yummy breakfasts that consisted of high-fiber cereals, … [Read more…]

Tonight was huge for my husband and I. Our baby girl graduated from Purdue University. We are proud and happy and finally done paying for higher education. It is 11:04 and I just sat down at the computer. I was all excited to download (or is it upload) my pictures from the ceremony and I looked … [Read more…]

Welcome to True Confessions! If you’re new here, this is the post where we get everything off our chests from the past week, then we throw it out of the window and start fresh. If you aren’t new here, then you know the drill! I was all set to confess to you that I went to a party on Saturday, and … [Read more…]

I confess, I clearly need paid accountability to keep myself on track with my weight loss efforts.  One would think after losing around 70 pounds that I could do this on my own.  Yeah, not so much apparently. I confess that last week I toyed around with the idea of giving up my Weight Watchers … [Read more…]

I think that it’s a cruel, cruel joke that I happen to be hosting True Confessions for you this week. You see, I was on a cruise last week. Like I said. Cruel joke. I started the week off really well. I had great intentions of not overindulging. I had a plan. Dessert only if it was … [Read more…]

I have a confession. I can’t even believe I’m going to say this. No, really. I don’t think you understand. I REALLY can’t believe I’m going to say this. Like at all. Are you ready? OK… *deep breaths* I really wanted to run yesterday. And when I didn’t get to. I was disappointed. I don’t think … [Read more…]

Ok, seriously, how can March almost be over already? Is it just me or is this year just FLYING by? Since we’ve landed on Tuesday, you know what that means — True Confessions Tuesday! Pull up a chair (or blog) and let’s get those confessions out, people! Forgive me Sisters (& Brothers), … [Read more…]

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time to confess! And what a good time to do it, for some of us who celebrate, it’s Lent! So confess away! I’ll start it off. I am tracking calories and I’m pretty hardcore about it right now on My Fitness Pal (my username is Christieo_7 if you want to friend … [Read more…]

Every once in a long while, I have a really good week. Fortunately, this week was one of those weeks. Unfortunately, I have True Confessions this week, LOL. So. What to do? Do I get really nitpicky about my could-have-been-better choices this week? Or do I confess what went right for me this … [Read more…]

Hello and welcome to True Confessions! If you’re new around here, today is the day that we confess anything we may be feeling guilty about from last week. Once we confess, we don’t feel guilty anymore because today is a new day. A new week, and we will do better, right? Right. I’ll start us off. … [Read more…]

Good Tuesday Morning, everyone!  Time to air out the dirty laundry! I’ve been having a pretty good last couple of weeks. I’ve been managing to keep my food intake mostly under control and I’ve been doing my some of my workouts. But everyone has a few skeletons in their closet, right? I’m not … [Read more…]

It’s my turn to light up the SJ stage and then quickly turn my back and run away after I leave my confessions here for you to read and analyze. I should probably charge admission for this confession session. Either that or I should be spilling my guts inside a tiny booth while I talk to you all … [Read more…]

First confession? I forgot that I have True Confessions today. Which even though I am pregnant and have the ‘I’m sharing my brain’ excuse, is still pretty pathetic because I write the calendar! How embarrassing for me. Sorry everyone…consider this a late morning/midday surprise! Ahem. Okay, now … [Read more…]