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Well, well, well…. It’s Tuesday! We want to hear all your dirty little secrets… good, bad, and ugly. Have you been doing well on the Shrinkvivor Challenges or slipping a little here and there? Have you given into buying Halloween candy even though it’s only September? I’ll break the … [Read more…]

Ah yes, here we are again. Another Tuesday, another chance to air our grievances of the past week. And friends, I have a few. I haven’t worked out since last Friday Thursday Wednesday. REALLY? Wednesday? Not so good considering I have a race this weekend! We had a road trip this weekend. … [Read more…]

It’s time to air it all out. Cleanse yourself and free yourself just in time for the next challenge which begins tomorrow (woohoo!!) It’s True Confessions Tuesday and it’s time to come clean! I like to do my confessions in bullet points. You can feel free to use the style of your choice. I … [Read more…]

It’s Tuesday. You know, that day of the week when we come clean and tell the world about our little slip-ups, as well as our victories! If you haven’t joined us for our True Confessions yet, why not? Try it! It feels sooooo good to get it all out there! Did you flub on exercising? Did you make … [Read more…]

It’s Tuesday, and if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know what that means!! If you’re new here, WELCOME! Tuesday’s are True Confession day here at the Sisterhood, which means we all spill the beans on our shortcomings for the past week. No BULL! But wait, you can also confess the … [Read more…]

Welcome to another addition of True Confessions!  This is the post where we let it all out and then forget about it because it is a new day!  So, if you had a giant piece of cake that you’re feeling guilty about, confess it here!  I promise you will feel so much better! I’ll start us … [Read more…]

Hmmmm…was it someone’s grand plan to have me host True Confessions the week of my birthday?  : ) Anyhoo, I do have a list of my transgressions ready because, folks? There’s quite a few… That cheeseburger and french fries That BACON cheeseburger and french fries That huge stack of … [Read more…]

Hello there! Today is the day where we all confess our perfections and our imperfections, our victories and our slip-ups. Whatever it is, just let it all out and dust yourself off for a fresh start. WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! If you want to avoid hearing about my complete and total … [Read more…]

I feel like I have been confessing left and right, lately.  I would really like to say that I have nothing to confess, but then I would be lying and nobody likes a liar.  Anyhoo, it is True Confessions Tuesday here at The Sisterhood- a day for all of us to lay it all out there, to share with our … [Read more…]

We thought we would switch things up this week and feature someone else’s confessions! Christy and I both agreed that one man in particular would be an awesome choice and lucky for us, he agreed. I mean, what man WOULDN’T want to be featured on a site that screams estrogen, right? He is very, … [Read more…]

Big, deep sigh. True Confessions time.  Again.  I just “confessed” last week, after not “confessing” for a very long time.  What more could I have to say?  Well, there is always more to say and in this case, confess. The good part is that I don’t have to do it alone.  You guys get to confess … [Read more…]

My, oh my. Sit back and get cozy with a cup of coffee or tea, because this is going to be riveting. Trust. I have been on the road since June 2nd. First I drove to Houston, then I flew to San Diego and ran in the San Diego 1/2 marathon with Team Shrinking Jeans for Team in Training, then I flew … [Read more…]

Well hello Tuesday, you are back so soon. Time to confess. This could be bad so I’m not gonna stall any longer. Here it goes. (hanging my head) * Ice cream. Do I need to say anymore? I love it. When it gets hot out, I feel the need to eat it. Even worse? Dairy Queen double fudge cookie … [Read more…]

Isn’t that badge super-awesome? Yes it is! It’s so super-awesome, that you should grab it and head over to your blog right now and confess. Go on, step into the Sisterhood Confessional and let it all out. We won’t tell anyone. Promise! So what do I have to confess this week? Hmmmm…… My … [Read more…]

Is it really Tuesday again, already? How was your week? Were you focused and driven? Or did you have a few flubs along the way? Warning! Warning! You may want to cover your eyes right now. I’m feeling a major bitch session coming on. True Confessions of Melissa 1. I have been in a major … [Read more…]