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We crowned the winner of our SHRINKVIVOR challenge last week, and we thought it was only right to get her thoughts on the whole losing weight/getting healthy journey! Here’s what Whitney had to say: I wish I could say that my Weight Loss Journey began with a bang, that I woke up one morning … [Read more…]

What a ride SHRINKVIVOR has been! What started with hundreds of challengers was reduced to the TOP 7 SHRINKVIVORS last week. The polls are now closed , the results are in, and the tribe (and everyone else who was awesome enough to vote) has spoken!! Sponsors We would like to give a huge shout out … [Read more…]

Hello, challengers! Today, we’re going to introduce you to our Top 7! They have outlost, outfitted, and outlasted the competition. They have thrown themselves into this challenge full-force, and I tell you, we couldn’t be more proud of each and every woman in our Top 7. Check out their vlogs below, … [Read more…]

httpv://youtu.be/4ZSaGoJVxpI The tribes list will be updated later this evening. Be sure to check back later for the updated list! Guess what? We are now merging into ONE TRIBE! Yes! You heard me right! Each of you who remain after this tribal council are merging into one tribe and will battle … [Read more…]

I was so honored and humbled to be “spotlighted” last week.  Tiffany’s words turned me into a bawling mess.  To have such kind words said about little ole me, to be recognized in such a way- well wow, I am still speechless.  Thank you so much Tiffany- I love you! So now it’s my turn.  I found … [Read more…]

And now… What you all have been waiting for! The votes are in and we have our winners – The Exiled Shrinkvivor and The Ultimate Shrinkvivor! Thank you all for making this challenge so worthwhile and fun! Also, a big thank you to all of our sponsors! This wouldn’t be possible without … [Read more…]

I am so sad to see Shrinkvivor coming to an end! Have you enjoyed the challenge? Have you made progress in your health journey? Have you voted for the Ultimate Shrinkvivor yet? You can view their vlogs/blogs here, then be sure to get back here and cast your vote! We are extending the poll for an … [Read more…]

I am squeeeeing with excitement right now! We have narrowed down our tribemates in the running for the title of the Ultimate Shrinkvivor down to just 7. We have asked them some down and dirty questions. Now they have answered. Wow. Just wow. Make sure you watch/read each one, because every single … [Read more…]

Can you believe it’s time to announce the Top 7 already? Where has the time gone? I am so excited for all seven of these people. They have worked so hard to get here and I couldn’t be more proud! A little jealous, too, because I really, really wanted that bike! A few notes: The Top 7 will … [Read more…]

We knew this day was coming. The day the remaining colored Tribe members become one. One Tribe. Tribe Outlast. These people have prevailed through the last six weeks of challenges and weigh-ins. Twenty-six remain, but only one can become the Ultimate Shrinkvivor. Your original tribes are gone … [Read more…]

Yo, yo, yo!!!!  How are YOU guys doing?  Shrinking?  Are you on your way to being the Ultimate Shrinkvivor or will you be heading to Exile Island or worse?!  I’ve been planning my work and working my plan not really but I’m really trying to. Welcome to the 2nd weigh-in for Shrinkvivor Challenge.  … [Read more…]

Shrinkvivor? Really? How on Earth do you come up with this stuff? This past July, Melissa and Christy were hanging out on Christy’s front porch in the Texas hill country working on the site, and somebody on Twitter mentioned blogging and Survivor. BAM! The idea was formed and has totally evolved … [Read more…]

Shrinkvivor: OutFit, OutLose, OutLast We know you’ve been dying to know every last stinkin’ detail about our upcoming challenge. You have, right? Or are we the only ones stupid-excited about it? (Please say no, please say no!). This challenge is inspired by the hit reality TV show Survivor! Duh, … [Read more…]