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It’s that time of year. The time where I say goodbye to nachos, steak, ice cream, bacon, grilled cheese, yogurt, omelets and fish ‘n’ chips. Not that this is my normal, day-to-day diet, but it really makes a difference when you make a commitment to eliminate all of it. This will be my 3rd year of … [Read more…]

  This last week has marked what I can now call an annual tradition for myself. I have embarked on a one-month vegan challenge. It’s not for weight loss, it’s not because I’ve joined PETA (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that) and it’s probably not going to stick past the … [Read more…]

Summer means it’s time for skinny dippin’….no not that kind. I’m referring to the dishes you take to a picnic, a barbecue, or pull out for a snack at home. It’s dip season. And that can mean heavy, thick, creamy dips (which can be delicious, but not ideal for swimsuit season), or fresh, … [Read more…]

As of today, I have successfully been a vegan since March 11. That’s about 5 weeks, people! I have been diligent and faithful with minor unintentional slip-ups. And guess what? I survived! It IS possible to go vegan without starving yourself or depleting your body of the vitamins and minerals it … [Read more…]

Well that’s it. It’s over. I officially give up on this vegan challenge and lifestyle. Sayonara veganness, welcome back meat and dairy! APRIL FOOLS! I just couldn’t help myself. *Chuckle* All joking aside, week 3 has probably been the toughest week so far in this challenge. Not due to a … [Read more…]

Yep. It happened. Twice. I went to a restaurant where all I could possibly have on their menu was the hummus appetizer, a salad (modified), or the edamame appetizer. Oh, I supposed I could’ve also had the olive plate, too. I feel stuffed just reading all that…. Then again I failed to research the … [Read more…]

There are 3 kinds of people I’ve discovered in the past week: those who do NOT like their views to be challenged and will most certainly let you know, including what and how they eat; those who will entertain the idea of a change – they will listen, smile and nod, and maybe in some back corner of … [Read more…]

Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m a vegan. Friends, family, strangers: “You’re crazy!” “Are you out of your mind?” “Why would you EVER want to do something like that?!” Me: No argument. Possibly. Why not? I sincerely believe that you can’t knock something until you’ve tried it (within … [Read more…]

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed. I’d been thinking it would be fun to do, but never said anything aloud. Never in a million years did I think he’d want to do it, too. My boyfriend, Aaron, and I were watching a documentary about 3 random people in New York who were challenged to become vegans for 6 weeks. A … [Read more…]

Back in the day, we had simple terms to describe our eating habits. Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore… Simple. In our culture today, there are so many in-betweens and different words to describe certain ways of eating, in can be a bit overwhelming. In the end, the choice is yours. Eat as you see fit … [Read more…]

We have a fabulous guest poster letting us peek into her everyday meals this week! She may be one of our most distant sisters, but she has been one of our biggest supporters for many years! I just love her! You can also find Karena at Traveling Well, her personal blog. The easy way to describe our … [Read more…]

Happy  30th Birthday Melissa!!!! In honor of Melissa’s 30th birthday today, we have to find the perfect “healthy” birthday cake. What girl doesn’t love chocolate, right? Exactly. Here is a low-fat, vegan chocolate (birthday) cake! The secret ingredient? Applesauce. This recipe uses applesauce … [Read more…]