Wake-up Call | Melissa


In true high school fashion, I have procrastinated until the last possible minute with my homework.

I haven’t been heavy my whole life. I haven’t struggled since childhood. My weight battles started when I gained 60 lbs with my first pregnancy. But it didn’t stay on… I got back down to a “thin place” before my wedding in 2000. So I KNOW it can be done. I lost weight AFTER MY BABY. Between the wedding and the twins, I gained back approximately 20 lbs and struggled with that for a few years. In 2003, I had the twins and gained TONS of weight once again. I got back down to about 185-190 lbs within that first year. I had my gallbladder removed in April of ’05 and since then gained and gained and had a HORRIBLE time losing any weight. Which puts me at NOW.

So, this photo from this past summer is a real wake-up call. Horrible. Nevermind that it was scorching hot and I was doing manual labor, it is awful.

Basically, I think my entire plan could use some revamping! I don’t know that much of anything is actually working for me lately!

What isn’t working for me:

Tracking and journaling my foods sporadically. It needs to be all the time!

Processed foods. I eat way too much salty, snacky goodness.

All-or-nothing attitude. When I’m good, I’m great! When I’m not good, I go downhill FAST!

North Dakota.

Quick, on-the-go meals. Maybe I should try meal-planning. Ugh. Maybe I will order a few things from The Healthy Pantry so I have quick, easy meals that I CAN MAKE on hand, eliminating fast food and crappy food.

Snacking. A cookie here, a cookie there. Mindless eating.

What is working for me:


I think that is really about it! Sad, but true.

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