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Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a safe, fun, and healthy holiday, and that no one is hungover today (right?!). Our new challenge, Rethink Your Shrink, is all about joining the revolution by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Well, we at the Sisterhood are stepping WAY outside of our comfort zones and committing […]

**I was beyond excited when Kirsten approached me with this idea! As you may know, I participated in Team In Training for my first (and only!) 1/2 marathon a few years ago. I walked most of it, but it was the most awesome and rewarding experiences in my life.** From Kirsten: Hi everyone!  I have […]

This weekend we are holding the Sisterhood Virtual 5K, along with EA Sports Active! Woot! How has your training been going? Are you planning on trying to run all of it or stick to a run/walk combination? My Team Bismarck 5K is going to be held on Saturday and while I didn’t train this time […]

I asked Beckie from BornFit if she would consider doing a guest post for us and lucky for us, she agreed! Here is what she has to say: Before my husband and I had children we hiked just about every weekend. Since the children came along we have sort of left our hiking adventures behind. […]

Well, maybe he isn’t exactly a BABY, but I will forever call the twins “my babies” and I think secretly they like it, despite the outwardly protests. Awhile back, I wrote about participating in races to benefit charities. This past weekend, I signed up to do a 5K for Sherry’s Wishes, a local organization in […]

One of my biggest issues is exercise.  I’m not an active person, I never really have been.  I make an effort, but I just really don’t like to exercise. Go, me! Realizing that I need to do SOMETHING, I wear a pedometer every day.  It really is motivating to see exactly how many steps I […]

I know we have tons of runners in the Sisterhood, and even more wanna-be runners (like myself!), and we are all capable of walking. There is no better motivation than participating in an event for a good cause! Everywhere you look, you can find 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and even marathons and they are often […]

Did you know that they put secret elastic waistbands in dockers ?  Its very sneaky and completely hidden unless you were to pull on the fabric up above the pockets, which is covered by a belt anways.  Some strange things have happened at work, but no one has tried to pull on my pockets checking […]

If you are planning on traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, chances are you will be skimping on the exercise. I know that I rarely get my workouts in when I am out of town. There are plenty of ways to get some exercise done while being away from the gym and without lugging a bunch […]