Weekly WeighIn – 7/7 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Our Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking! challenge is coming to a screeching halt today! We kept this one short and sweet! Did you shrink? Did you get kissed? We want to know! The writers at Shrinking Jeans want your input… Do you like shorter challenges or would you rather they be longer? What is your “ideal” […]

Week two of the Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking challenge -DONE! How did you do? Are you kicking some butt or have you fallen off the wagon a bit? Whatever the case may be, it’s that time of the week where you just let it all out. Pour your heart out on your blog (or down […]

All right ladies and gentleman today is the last weigh in day for our Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. How did you all do? I’m hoping each and everyone of you were looking fine not only for your sweetie, but that you are now feeling good for […]

Good morning (or afternoon) everyone!! How are you? Did you do okay this week, or are you losing steam? We’ve noticed that lots of you haven’t been weighing in and we wonder if it’s because you’re not doing so good and you just don’t want to tell. Listen, we all have bad days, weeks, heck, […]

Only two weeks left of the Looking Fine for Valentines challenge! How are you doing? Have you hit a slump or are you kicking it into high gear? Are you on track to meet your personal goal you set at the beginning of this journey? Don’t worry if you’re not quite where you had hoped […]

We are officially half way through the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge! Three weeks down, three to go. You are doing so great, and we really appreciate all the comments you’re leaving on our site. We strive everyday to bring you more. More information, more support, more motivation, more giveaways, more recipes, and more of […]

The holidays are behind us, the new year is upon us, and we have made it through the first week of the Looking Fine for Valentines challenge!  Woo-hoo! So, let’s hear it! How did you do? Piece of cake or did you have a tough time? Are you sticking with your resolutions? Write your personal […]

Don’t put away your scales yet ladies (and gentlemen) because today is weigh-in day with the Sisterhood. Just a few weeks ago we all took on a challenge that had us dreaming of a light Christmas. The challenge is over now and we’re wondering, did it work for you? Are you lighter? Healthier? Do you […]