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Well if you read my post yesterday here you know that I am having a hard week with motivation and emotional eating. I want to be strong and I need to be stronger.

Next week I will return to work and I know I won’t be snacking like I have been and I will be more active as well.  It should be an interesting week for sure. I haven’t worked since October and I was loving every minute of it.

I am breastfeeding but I think my cycle is about to start again and I feel and look swollen. I am praying like heck that the weight will come off soon.

This week I plan to not drink pop, drink more water and make wiser decisions. But. I  am going to cupcake 10 and will have to indulge, no one likes a party pooper.

Last week: 208

This week: 206

-2 #

Happy re thinking your shrink everyone!