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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! How did your week with the weight loss challenge go? Are you keeping in contact with your partner? Are you keeping yourself accountable for your actions? WEIGH IN It’s that time of the week when we check out how we did. Go jump on the scale and write that number […]

We only had 5 days of shrinking, but holy cow, everyone is off with a bang! These numbers are outstanding! Keep up the great work, challengers! First off, the team randomly selected for this week’s prize of either a $10 iTunes or Amazon gift card is: TEAM AWESOME! Ruth Ann H and Lynn U, congrats! […]

Good morning, ladies and gents! How did the first week of the weight loss challenge go? Are you finding support in your buddy? Staying accountable? Kicking ass and taking names? Speaking of names, I have to tell you that I was pretty much rolling when reading the team names you came up with! They are […]

Welcome to the June Tone-Up! This daily workout routine can be used to supplement your current fitness routine {you do have one, don’t you?}, and can also be used in conjunction with our June Tune-Up weight loss challenge for maximum effect! You can read all about the weight loss challenge here – hurry it starts […]

As I was sitting around thinking about what to write, I realized that I’ve been going through my closet a lot lately. Which made me think of this post I wrote a couple years back. It’s definitely still pertinent, so take another look, if you please.   While clothes may not make the woman, they […]

Do you remember being a kid in school and your gym teacher telling you about the President’s Council on Physical Fitness award? I remember thinking that would be cool, but I was never motivated enough to actually go for it. I am facing the prospect of vacationing for more than half of the month of […]

Good morning, ladies and gents! We are a few weeks into our newest fitness and weight loss challenge here at the Sisterhood, and hopefully you are still going strong! Remember that ACTION plan you came up with the very first day of the challenge? Have you been following it? Analyze your goals – decide what […]

WELCOME to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! If you’re new around these parts, we are so happy you’re here! You can get more acquainted with the Sisterhood by snooping around the Start Here page. Spring In2 Action is our newest online, community-based NO FAIL weight-loss and fitness challenge! Seriously, and there’s no ‘magic’ pills or […]

There’s an ugly side to working out that no one really wants to talk about. OK, perhaps most people don’t really want to talk about it but we don’t shy away from those things here. It’s a Sisterhood. There’s safety in numbers. Recently, I was thinking about the things I’ve done during my workouts & […]

When I started this whole weight loss thing, I don’t think I had a clear idea of what was in store for me. I had my map, I had my tools, but I didn’t realize what an adventure it would be. I’m not sure if I realized how long it would take. I’m not sure […]

Good morning, friends! How are you? The weather here in North Dakota has been amazing {like 70s!!}, and I can’t even tell you what it has done for my mood and motivation! I.love.it. How was your week? Did you toot your horn yesterday? I hope so, because everyone deserves an “atta-girl” once in awhile! We’re […]

Today, I bring you a special post….very special to me.  See, my brother Greg has embarked on his own weight loss journey and asked if he could write something up for Shrinking Jeans (that’s us up above).  He wanted to write his story and be accountable to others, in addition to himself. I may have […]

You probably know this about me but I am a somewhat neurotic safety freak when it comes to going out and running on my own. I carry personal defense systems that shall not be named along with my tiny fists of fury. So when iSafe reached out to us to do a review, I was all […]

This week my Kindergartner had homework. There were little boxes on the paper and in each box he was supposed to write down something on our grocery list, spell it out how it sounds and then draw a picture to go with it. The example they gave was a picture of an apple and the […]

The Weigh In Good morning, everyone! Wakey wakey eggs and (turkey) bakey! It’s a new day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, are you ready to step on the scale? I am sure that it’s going to be nice to you today, I just have a feeling! You’ve worked hard this week, you […]