Power of One Challenge::The Beginning!

***A winner has been chosen for the Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scales! It is Altamese from Solejourner Truth. Congratulations girl! That awesome new scale will come in handy as you shrink in 2011!***

It’s time for a brand new weight-loss and fitness challenge here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and what better time to start than right before 2010 ends!

I can hear you now…..Why would you torture me with a challenge that starts today? I don’t want to even think about it until January 1st!

Suck it up and quit whining, okay? We’re doing it because we LOVE you and really, there’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW!

This challenge will, of course, focus on weight-loss, but we’ll also be throwing in some fantastic fitness elements, so even if you don’t need to lose weight, there will be something for you (and we promise not to punch you)! Read: NO EXCUSES!

SOOOOOO, the challenge starts right here, right now. Today. There are no teams this time around, because we really want you to focus on the ONE person who is most important: YOU. Yes, you. You are important, beautiful, smart, funny, and strong; and you can do this. We promise. If you stick with us, you’ll be successful in all your fitness and weight-loss goals, and you will have FUN doing it.

What is the Power of One, you ask?

The Power of One is a challenge that starts today and ends February 23rd, 2011. That’s 8 fun-filled, prize-filled, soul-searching, answer-finding, ass-kicking weeks for you to get your mind and body whipped into shape. Yes, we know that you won’t reach all of your goals in 8 weeks, but omigosh it’s an awesome way to get started with lots of support and friendship!

If you haven’t already registered for the challenge, do it NOW!

We’ll have challenges every week. There will be weekly check-ins with awesome prizes for a randomly selected challenger* each week, sponsored by EatSmart. We’ll have an AMAZING grand prize for one randomly selected challenger*, sponsored by CLICK. There will be weekly Tworkouts on Tuesday, and a Twitter party or two thrown in for good measure. Plus, all of our regularly scheduled programming.

Trust me, we’ve got you covered. You won’t have time to even think about nachos, because we’re going to keep you busy. Promise.

And now you’re asking: What do I do now?!

  • First things first. Go step on your scale and record your starting weight, then kiss that number goodbye, because you’ll never see it again.
  • Next, go blog about it and link up below. If you don’t have a blog, you should really think about starting one. They’re free and fun, and such a great way to document this amazing journey. You can also blog about it over on the ‘hood, our online community!
  • Thirdly (I just love saying thirdly) take a before picture (and measurements) – you’ll never regret it.
  • And last, fill in the weigh-in form below with your starting weight! We’ll keep track of everything and announce our top shrinkers each week!


(Because you knew you weren’t getting out of here without a challenge, right?!)

Today, when you write your weekly check-in post, we want you to STATE YOUR HEALTHY LIVING GOALS for this challenge and the New Year. No, we’re not calling them resolutions, because that is so last week. We are calling them goals, because goals are awesome. You can make mini-goals, short-term goals, long-term goals, or just plain goals. They can focus on anything from pounds you want to lose to races you want to compete in. However you want to do it, just make sure you get it done, okay?!


CLICK is sponsoring our grand prize! For this challenge, we’ll have a gift certificatefor a pair or Nike ID Running Shoes and $150 worth of CLICK Espresso Protein Drinks! That’s $300 in prizes for one random winner who checks in each week of the challenge!

Be sure to follow our fabulous sponsors on Twitter! @DrinkCLICK and @EatSmartScales They’re awesome!

You can also find CLICK and Eat Smart Products on Facebook!

Eat Smart Products will be sponsoring a giveaway each week for one random winner.


This week, and every week (thanks to EatSmart Products) we’ll be giving away an awesome EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale!

To enter, you must be registered for this challenge and you’ll need to:

  1. Fill out the check-in form below for one entry (this is mandatory!)
  2. Tell us about your current bathroom scale! Is it from the era of the dinosaurs, or is it snazzy and digital? Leave it in the comments for an additional entry.
  3. Blog and link-up in the linky widget for an extra entry!

This giveaway will end tonight at midnight PT. One winner will be chosen via random.org and announced tomorrow. Good luck!

The Power of One Challenge is being generously sponsored by CLICK! CLICK is providing a pair of CLICK’d out Nike running shoes and $150 dollars worth of CLICK products to one luck winner*. EatSmart Products is providing 8 digital bathroom scales, which will be awarded to one random person* on the weekly check-in post.

*Prizes will only be awarded to individuals who are registered for the challenge, and who check-in each week on the check-in form.

  • Anonymous

    I am super excited for this challenge! I recently bought a Weight Watchers digital bathroom scale, and its funny. I intended to get rid of my ancient digital scale, but I can’t seem to part with it…and so, I end up weighing on BOTH scales, twice the fun…NOT!

  • Jodi

    I am very excited about this challenge! I am back on the wagon for 2011! This IS the year I lose my last 110-15lbs to get to goal and STAY THERE!!!
    My scale is a digital one from Wal-mart– nothing too fancy(I dont really use the user functions…should I?!)

    • Jodi

      ooops that should be 10-15 lbs….

  • Anonymous

    Up an embarassing 8 pounds since my last weigh-in in…. October. :hangs head in shame: That’ll teach me to skip a challenge.

    My bathroom scale is a Tanita somethingsomething. You can set it up for two people to measure weight and body fat but the body fat measurements are so off I just use it for weight. It’s got be about 12 years old now. Definitely time for a new one.

  • Alicia

    I have a digital scale by Healthometer. It sucks! I have to get on many times for it to read the same weight. I swear I haven’t moved an inch and it’ll read a whole lb off. So frustrating! Especially when you need it to be as accurate as possible. I’m excited for this challenge! I need something to help push me along after my diagnosis and this is just what I needed…another challenge! :)

  • http://nomoremonkeyonmyback.blogspot.com/ Angie

    I have a digital scale.

  • http://smartstrongsexy.blogspot.com Brooke F

    I actually don’t have a bathroom scale. Otherwise I’d constantly be weighing myself. I use the scale in the bathroom at work. Its a digital scale but I think its a few years old.

  • http://himynameistheresa.com Theresa Sondjo

    I am excited! I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but this is an auspicious way to start out! I’m using an old analog scale I picked up in an open air market over here. It’s not terribly accurate, but at least I acn see trends with it.

  • Shera

    My bathroom scale is an old school blue and white dino. Not digital at all. I can never be sure the scale is accurate, so I always get on Wii Fit and sure the balance board.

  • http://twitter.com/mymadakaja Tami

    I bought a new digital scale recently, but it’s giving me fits. I forget the name of it, but it likes to give me error messages.

  • http://jiggles.airynothing.com/ barb_at_jiggles

    So happy that we’re doing another challenge – thanks to the Sisterhood for setting this up!

    My scale is digital, though I don’t remember the brand (whatever Target sells). It can keep up to four people’s weights…though I always weigh-in once before officially recording my weight in the scale, and this usually backfires. I’m not sure how, but between my initial weigh-in, and the recording weigh-in (which happen within seconds), the recording weigh-in is usually 1-2 lbs more(!!)

  • Anonymous

    I have a weight watchers digital scale. I actually like my scale – not for what it tells me, but because I feel it is pretty accurate and it lets me save the last 5 weights. Now if I could just get to the point mentally where I only step on it once a week, I think that would be ideal!

  • Heather A. run momma run

    We’ve got a digital scale that supposedly tells me how many calories I can eat based on my activity level and current weight. I think I’d rather have one that tells me my fat %…. maybe.

  • JessiM

    I SO could use a new bathroom scale…I’ve had mine for at least 9 years! So, it tells me nothing more than my weight in boring WHOLE numbers. boo.

  • tracy c.

    i am using a cheap digital scale we got at target in august of 2010 becausee the ancient one i was using when i first started my healthy journey broke… i was really mad at this one in the beginning coz it was off about 4 pounds from my ancient scale…and it wasn’t in my favor at all…lol but after a month or too, i have gotten over it…and it’s an okay scale so far…. :)

    i am so ready for this challenge…i thought i was going to weigh more this morning than i did…. i am 1 lb less than my start weight of the holiday hoedown challenge…which is not what the scale was showing yesterday by far, and i am so not complaining…!! :)

  • tracy c.

    i am using a cheap digital scale we got at target in august of 2010 becausee the ancient one i was using when i first started my healthy journey broke… i was really mad at this one in the beginning coz it was off about 4 pounds from my ancient scale…and it wasn’t in my favor at all…lol but after a month or too, i have gotten over it…and it’s an okay scale so far…. :)

    i am so ready for this challenge…i thought i was going to weigh more this morning than i did…. i am 1 lb less than my start weight of the holiday hoedown challenge…which is not what the scale was showing yesterday by far, and i am so not complaining…!! :)

  • Tracey

    My scale is on it’s last leg. It is a newer digital with body fat analyzer, but it’s not too sturdy and it’s a few years old.

    Let me tell you how great the timing of this challenge is… I’ve just started losing again (over the holiday – am I crazy?) and would love some outside incentive. Also, it ends right before our family moves cross country. Basically, my goal is to keep losing despite pre-move stress. I would love to surprise my extended family with my weight loss when we visit. AND I want to get to our new spot feeling great… energy would be an asset.

    I guess I should revive the blog… so much to talk about! Good luck everyone!

  • http://knitwitcooks.blogspot.com Prairieknitwit

    My scale is a generic-brand digital I bought at the hardware store. It works just fine for weighing me and it seems to be fairly accurate.

    I am looking forward to this challenge. I have sat out the last few, but it is time to get moving again! I have shrunk a whole size over the past few months, but I have been really bad with my eating over the holidays and need to get back on track. I felt like a big bloated greaseball on my treadmill yesterday!

  • http://www.jeninreallife.com/ jeninRL

    I love this challenge – it has to be MINE – it ends the day before my birthday!!

    I am so disappointed – I gained almost 4 pounds this week and I know it probably should have been more but I could not stop eating cookies and junk.

    ok, time to work this challenge and kick ASS. I will make my goal in 2011.

    Thanks SJ – y’all are my favorite hookers on the interwebs. MUCH LOVE!

  • Jessicadodt

    I have a basic scale, but it’s not very big as far as size wide. I can fit my feet perfectly on it, but my husbands toes curl over the top…and I am guessing not giving him an accurate reading. A new scale would be AWWWWesome:)

  • Becca W

    I have a fear of scales because they lie but I do have an old one that likes to tell me I’m thin. Every other scale tells me I’m a lb or two heavier and that is why I like my little digital black scale. ;)

  • Anonymous

    My scale is a fairly new digital one that I bought about 3 years ago.

  • Jamnsfld76

    ugh I am up 2 lbs since the Holiday Challenge. Today I am at 160. NEVER AGAIN!

  • http://www.melrene.net Mel

    My scale is ancient. It’s a dial scale. Difficult to read. :(

  • http://scheherazade315.wordpress.com/ scheherazade315

    I have a Tanita body fat scale I purchased about 8 years ago.

  • http://violazuppa.wordpress.com ViolaZuppa

    I’m coming back after nearly a year off and this challenge is perfect since it ends 3 days before my 40th(!) birthday.

    I bought a Weight Watchers scale a year or two ago after the carpet in my bathroom (I know, it sucked) was replaced by tile and I didn’t have to have a scale that worked on carpet.


  • http://nothingbutchatter.blogspot.com/ kiminia
  • http://www.thekrumwiedesix.blogspot.com/ Kristin__OneCrazyMamaof4

    This challenge is going to be the one in which I actually do what I say… really! If not Lissa or Kate, could you please stop by my house and drag my butt out to the evening session of muscle work please?!??! I am starting the challenge at 254.2 lbs (measurements are listed on my blog)…

    My bathroom scale ‘supposedly’ was a good scale… not so much. It goes through batteries worse than any other ‘electrical’ thing we have in our home and my kids have Leapster2s. It gets the job done… but definately time for a new one in the Krumdiddy house…

    Good luck to everyone on this challenge! Together we can do this…

  • Nancy

    I have a Weight Watchers digital scale, but I’d love to have a new fancy dancy scale. I need this challenge so badly. Just weighed in and it was not pretty. Now I have to go plot and plan and blog about it.

  • Cysiphist

    We have a digital bathroom scale. It’s not terribly fancy though – just does half-pound increments and no snazzy BMI or anything. Just a classic, simple scale. It does its job, and the half pound increments might even be good for me – I can’t obsess over 1/10ths of a pound that fluctuate wildly.

  • Kati S.

    I have a digital scale that is ‘ok’ it gets the job done :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m working on my blog entry and will Linky that soon. As for my scale, omg do I want a new one. I think mine is about 15 years old! Yes, it still works good, and it does the basics–you step no it, it gives you a number. But thats all. It measures in .5 pounds, and I’d love one that measures in .2. It would also be nice to have 4 user settings so my family each could have their own measurements.

  • http://twitter.com/rachelsteffen Rachel Steffen

    Yikes!! Can we just say that I completely and totally slacked off the past few weeks during the holidays and enjoyed every bite of the sweets that I ate. I enjoyed them SO much that they decided to STAY on my hips and scale! :(

    Time to re-focus on ME!

  • http://twitter.com/rachelsteffen Rachel Steffen

    Oh by the way – my bathroom scale is pretty new. I bought it this past summer. I really like it. What I would *LOVE* from Eat Smart is a KITCHEN scale! :P Do you think a regular bathroom scale would work for my kitchen? LOL

  • http://shepdogg.blogspot.com/ Tirah

    I bought a Weight Watchers digital bathroom scale from Costco a few years back. I think it has fancy functions but I don’t use any of them.

  • Jrmandasmom

    I was so waiting for this challenge and so excited it goes with my goal for next year, take care of me. I have a digital scale that’s not to accurate, and I just got it for the last challenge, so it’s not that old. These inexpensive digital scales are a pain, currently weigh-in at WW meetings.

  • Jennifer C

    I have a Heath O Meter digital scale from Walmart. It can keep the weighloss information for up to 4 users, but I have never used it. Maybe I will read the instructions and set that up this week lol.

  • Toniballster

    My bathroom scale hates me. YOU WEIGH 160! No, wait! YOU WEIGH 165! HAHA! *hrmph* It also needs a bath, because it’s my son’s cat’s favorite place to nap, and she rolls all over it.
    I can’t BELIEVE I have passed up 160. I feel awful about it. But I can fix this! I really, really can!
    My ultimate goal is 120lbs. Obviously that’s not going to happen in 8 weeks without, IDK, a tapeworm and 8 hour a day workouts, and who has the time for that AND life enjoyment? Not me! But I can hit 10lbs in that time. It just requires a few changes. Less candy. Less [no] pepsi. Less baked goods. More raw fruits and veggies, more raw and unprocessed foods period.
    I already hike with my mom for 1.5-2 hours most mornings. I’m adding in yoga and pilates in the evenings – I can do this AND get in quality time with my kids because they all get down and do it with me.

  • Theresa B.

    My bathroom scale is older than {most} of my kids! It’s a cheapie walmart off-brand, but it gets the job done!

  • Margie D

    My goal for this challenge is to keep losing the weight – I am 14 pounds down since I started Nutrisystem and frankly, ( althought that is amazing to me) I am getting tired of just eating Nutrisystem food. So I am going to switch to South Beach (its the same principal of low glycemic) after I am done with all the NS food.

  • Anonymous

    My husband is cheap so when our digital scale bit the dust 3 or so years ago we just bought a cheap one at Target. Not digital. It’s the number wheel that spins around. It’s 5 pounds off so we have it set to read 5lbs when there is no weight on it.

  • Charm

    I’m new to the Sisterhood but looks like I’m just in time! My digital scale sits dustily in the bathroom. I REFUSE to get on it. Well, except for today and I’m NOT happy! :)

  • http://plainolegrandmaislosingit.wordpress.com/ Adah

    Yahoo for the new challenge starting!! My scale is an older digital one and needs a good cleaning but if I win one then I don’t have to clean it. Sounds like the perfect reason to win one to me!

  • Anonymous

    I have a digital Tanita bathroom scale. It uses BIA to measure (it’s really just an estimate) your body fat percentage as well as your weight. I’ve had it for a really long time, but I like it. Well, most of the time. Well really I only like it when it tells me what I want. LOL

    It really is a good bathroom scale.

    I’m excited for this challenge! I will get to my goal weight range during this challenge! I’m about 7 lbs away! :)

  • http://lauraslifeasawifeandmom.blogspot.com/ Laura P

    Working on my blog post and will come link up later.

    As for the bathroom scale, I have a digital one made by Taylor. I know it has other fancy functions to it but I just use it for the weight. I’ve had this one for at least 5 years.

    I am ready to start focusing on me again. I’ve been in a funk lately in regards to weight, clothes and weather so I am ready to work on me.

  • http://twitter.com/TrishB Trish

    My bathroom scale is a cheap digital one from Wal-Mart, I am not sure if it is accurate though, every time I weigh myself at someone’s elses house it’s off by a couple of lbs and not in a good way LOL!

  • Staci F.

    I am so stoked to get going on this challenge! :) My roommate at school brought a scale to school that is digital but I couldn’t bring it home with me :(…But our scale at home is ANCIENT. Digitally ancient if that is even possible.Hopefully I can score my own scale!!!

  • Suzanne

    I have a digital scale that just sucks battery juice! I swear i have to replace batteries every week :(

  • Richelle H

    My scale is relatively new. I usually weigh in on it at home and then double check at work on the shipping scale, and they are usually pretty accurate. My scale at home is a digital fancy thing that measure body fat percentages and stuff however, I have no idea how to use the fancy stuff, well i have not tried either.

  • Meredith

    I am thinking this will be a great challenge!!! The scale I use is old … from our wedding several years ago. I would just love a new one!!

  • Meredith
  • Robyn Hollas

    I accept your challenge! It also looks like I’ll be starting a new blog today. Before bed tonight, I will have set up my new blog and weighed. More excited about the new blog than weighing.

  • Anonymous

    My scale is a digital however, its difficult to read at times and I believe is probably as close to ancient as you can get with a digital scale. It still works so, if it isn’t broke….

  • Tabatha

    2009 I lost 34lbs and the past several months they are slowly sneaking back as life has taken a very stressful toll. This year I want to make it a priority to better handle stress and therefore help control my weight and kept myself healthy.

    • Tabatha

      er keep myself healthy.. I can proof read honest ;)

  • Denise D

    At home I have a digital scale that I love/hate! Just now I weighed in on an ancient Health O Meter bathroom scale since I am staying with family for the holiday. I am giving the number on it the side eye. I have a bad habit of not trusting any scale other than my own.

  • Lexi W

    Here We GO!! I’m excited about this challenge! When I stepped on my plane jane digital scale this morning it was seriously grossed out…so here’s to CHANGE!! I’m so excited about this!

  • http://twitter.com/girlsworld Kirsten

    Bathroom scale? What bathroom scale? The only scale I have is on the Wii.

  • LuckyBamboo

    I have a Thinner scale

  • Anonymous

    I have the Taylor lithium bath scales as they seem to be very accurate according to typical doctor scales.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a WW digital scale that I just packed up! It does body fat % and all that jazz….actually I think that just gave me a reason to unpack it! I’m not interested in the lbs number but I would be interested to track the other info for the challenge! You just gave me a great idea :)

  • http://twitter.com/melydia melydia

    Well, I’ve signed up. My scale is an analog antique, and it lives in my husband’s bathroom where it can’t taunt me. I basically never weigh myself, so weekly weigh-ins are a new thing for me.

  • Ginny212

    My scale is a digital that I got for a wedding present from my mother. Nice. Not only that but it doesn’t read accuratley, so when I step on it 3 times in a row, I get 3 different numbers. Sometimes I take an average, sometimes I swear at it. I also have an analog scale that weighs 6 pounds lighter than every other scale, so I have to add every time I weigh on that one.

  • http://healthyschmealthy.blogspot.com LaniePainie

    I use my Wii Fit board to weigh in. It’s in the “toy room” with the Wii.

    I confess that I’m a bit scared that I’ll be in over my head with this challenge, but it could be fun!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have an actual scale. I use my Wii Fit board. I need to buy a new scale soon lol.

  • Virginia

    My current scale is really old. It is not digital and has dust build up on it. I actually had to get down and clean it since I moved in to lower, not so often seen, numbers.

  • Craftgirlalli

    my scale is from the caveman era! it’s OLD!

  • http://twitter.com/ErinRagan Erin

    I just bought a brand new scale tonight, for this challenge! It’s a Health O Meter digital scale… I hope those numbers will start coming down on it!! :)

    good luck to everyone!!!!

  • Asoulm8

    I’m ready for this new challenge too! I have got to get this weight off for good. Bring on a smaller me in 2011!

    I have a scale that’s supposed to do the fat test – but it just errors out now. I have contemplated getting a new one, but the weighing part still works just fine. I wish I could blame the extra pounds on the scale, but I can’t!

  • Saweiand

    I have a cheap digital scale that is a couple of years old. I got it at target and it works but is nothing to get excited about. It weighs in 1/2 lb increments. I keep thinking that I should buy a new one but I would rather spend my money on workout shoes and gear!

  • http://mynhlife.blogspot.com/ Jessica B.

    I am so excited to start this new challenge! I just went back to WW and love their new program, so now it’s time to get my fitness goals in check!

    I have a digital scale

  • Carrie

    My scales are digital but doesn’t seem to very reliable, sometime it doesn’t turn on!

  • Anonymous

    My current at-home scale is a digital one that like to read all zeros, ERR or randomly change my weight each time I step on it. ;)

  • Annemgreen

    I am looking forward to this, especially since this is my first time here. It came just in time since I gained 4 lbs over the holiday’s. I needed this incentive!

  • Anonymous

    We have a digital scale that I got from my sister who inherited it when she moved into her grandparent inlaws house. It works okay but the pad on top is peeling off.

  • http://www.melgetsfit.com Melissa @MelGetsFit

    I’m so excited this challenge is finally here! It absolutely couldn’t come at a better time for me. I’m moving on from a recent heartbreak and it’s time to focus on ME in 2011!! I blogged about my goals for the challenge here (also added to the linky link):


    My current bathroom scale is a Tanita and it’s pretty nice. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Eat Smart scales though, so I would love to try one out.

  • http://www.friendlyfrugalista.com Cara (aka Temberton)

    Oh, yeah, I was supposed to mention my current scales. LOL! They are not digital and that is so annoying! The pointer never points exactly at the zero, plus it is so hard to read. I am always triple-checking the number and squinting to make sure I saw the pointer correctly.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jillyrh Jillyrh

    I ran out and bought a new digital scale before I started the Survivor challenge so I was sure I had an accurate scale for that challenge. Looking forward to this challenge. I have missed it! Thanks!

  • http://www.losingtheshadow.blogspot.com Jen

    Well, I did it. I joined the challenge. I put my goals and my weight in my blog. Here it goes!

  • http://twitter.com/hettyhoo Heather Hill

    I have a digital scale that is a few years old.

  • http://twitter.com/jeanennep jeanennep

    I’ve got a digital scale, but I heard a menacing crack the other day and some of the pixels on the screen have gone out. Time for a new one…

  • http://thestevensswag.wordpress.com/ Crystal S

    I have a digital scale.

  • Anonymous

    I just found this blog and the challenge. I am really looking forward to this challenge. I actually weigh myself each morning on the Wii balance board. We do have a scale, it was digital and was supposed to measure more than just weight, but I haven’t used in almost 3 years so I can’t remember.
    This is my blog

  • Crhbrault

    My scale – umm, is it bad that I had to go get a new battery for it? Yep, that neglected. In honesty, I work parttime for a Dr so use the big “pro” scale at my office – occasionally. ;) This is my first challenge, and I am looking forward to it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wakelarunen Norma Wilkinson Wills

    I know that I am starting late, but better late then never!

  • http://www.adventuresofastayathomemom.com Kimmiekinkins

    I have one of those scales that is old with the pointer that moves with the little marks……could totally use a new one.

  • http://twitter.com/Misslofly1 Misslofly

    I just found this website and this challenge. I’ve been searching everywhere for a motivating challenge…I think I’ve found it.
    My scale is interesting, to say the least. I bought it a Wal-Mart to replace my older model. I still don’t know if it works the way it should because it’s never done what it is supposed to. Each week for my weigh-in, I take the average of about 3 times stepping on the scale :)