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To Underwear or Not To Underwear #shrinkingjeans

To Underwear or Not to Underwear

Here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, we've had many a post on what to wear while running, but we haven't really tackled what to wear (or not wear) UNDER our running clothes.  We've talked about sports bras but our … [Read More...]

Wednesday Check-In!

Wednesday Check-In!

It's check-in day at the Sisterhood -the day we take a closer look at how we did this past week! If you haven't already, step on the scale and see if you had a loss this week. Get your tape measure out and take some new … [Read More...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Hello, fellow Shrinkers. How've you been? It's Tuesday which means it's the day of the week we celebrate the big and small victories that we've experienced lately on this journey of ours to get fit and healthy. We often get … [Read More...]

Making a Difference #shrinkingjeans

Making a Difference

Do you ever have days where you just wish that you could make a difference in someone's life? Do you ever feel like all your effort is for nothing? Do you ever feel like just sitting down and letting someone else take charge? Some … [Read More...]

This Month’s Fitness Calendar

This Month’s Sisterhood Shots Calendar

Sisterhood Shots Photo-A-Day Challenge

Sisterhood Shots: April Photo-A-Day

Happy April, Shrinkers! Are you as excited as we are that warmer weather is coming? Short sleeves, shorts, long walks or runs outside, gardening, sitting poolside or ocean-side….all those things make us smile and do a little happy dance. How about you? I have April’s edition of Sisterhood Shots ready for you, so grab your […]