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10 Tips for Surviving a Mud Run

10 Tips for Surviving a Mud Run

With the number of mud and obstacle course events popping up all over the country, muds runs are becoming a niche running event anyone can do.  Everything from Color Runs to Tough Mudder-like hard-core events are available, and … [Read More...]

5 things that make me happy

5 Things That Make Me Happy!

As I’m sure many of you do, I sit in front of a computer much of my workday – especially this summer, as I’m slated to teach an online class (Anyone want to learn about column writing? Hit me up!). Since I am in front of a … [Read More...]

hip pain

Dealing With Hip Pain: My Latest Setback

Full disclosure: this is a little bit of a venting session. Sometimes I feel like a 27 year old trapped in an 88-year-old's body. I've always been extremely active and enjoy exercising, playing sports and living a healthy … [Read More...]

This Month’s Fitness Calendar

This Month’s Sisterhood Shots Calendar

Sisterhood Shots Photo-A-Day

Sisterhood Shots: July Photo-A-Day

The 1st of the month means a brand new edition of Sisterhood Shots! This is a fun and creative way to document your weight-loss/fitness journey or an awesome addition to what you have done so far. Grab your camera and make our photo-a-day part of your daily routine. If you’ve not participated in a photo-a-day […]