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WODmat Giveaway! #shrinkingjeans

WODmat + Giveaway

The WODmat helps you stay on track with your fitness routine. With the WODmat, you can workout at  home, the gym, the garage, the beach - anywhere! The WODmat is a one of a kind, over-sized, durable, personal exercise mat that is … [Read More...]

Diet and Exercise - Get Back on Track!

Spring Motivation

Everyone needs an extra boost of motivation occasionally, right? I have some to offer you today (and in turn I hope it will motivate me more). Over the past month I've basically been coasting along the road to health and fitness. … [Read More...]

EatingHealthyon aBudget

10 Tips to Eating Healthy on a Budget

I've been guilty of splurging on food at the grocery store - mostly stuff I don't need, but think that I really might need at that point in time (Like, who doesn't need a random assortment of olives from the olive bar? Me. That's … [Read More...]

This Month’s Fitness Calendar

This Month’s Sisterhood Shots Calendar

Sisterhood Shots Photo-A-Day Challenge

Sisterhood Shots: April Photo-A-Day

Happy April, Shrinkers! Are you as excited as we are that warmer weather is coming? Short sleeves, shorts, long walks or runs outside, gardening, sitting poolside or ocean-side….all those things make us smile and do a little happy dance. How about you? I have April’s edition of Sisterhood Shots ready for you, so grab your […]