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50 Things I Learned Before Turning 50

Fifty Things I Learned Before Turning 50

Today I turn 50, so to celebrate I thought I would share some of the things I have learned during this first half century of living. Some will be health and fitness related, some not so much. Hopefully, all of these will help you … [Read More...]

Be your own health advocate

Be Your Own Health Advocate: Hip Pain Update

Over the past two months, I have seen a total of six doctors in an attempt to figure out what is causing my hip pain. I'm happy to say that I FINALLY have an answer (I explain later in the article)! I injured my right hip last … [Read More...]


All of Me…In a Bathing Suit

I went on vacation last week, to beautiful, sunny California. We did the typical touristy stuff. We went to Disneyland.We went to Hollywood.We went to a Dodgers game.We went to the beach. Oh, I took tons of pictures at the … [Read More...]

Your Weekend Attack Plan: A to Z #shrinkingjeans


Ok, Shrinkers, listen up. It's Friday.  TGIF and all that jazz but more importantly, have you thought about how to stay on track this weekend and not derail the progress you've been making or short change your progress?  We all … [Read More...]

This Month’s Fitness Calendar

This Month’s Sisterhood Shots Calendar

Sisterhood Shots Photo-A-Day

Sisterhood Shots: July Photo-A-Day

The 1st of the month means a brand new edition of Sisterhood Shots! This is a fun and creative way to document your weight-loss/fitness journey or an awesome addition to what you have done so far. Grab your camera and make our photo-a-day part of your daily routine. If you’ve not participated in a photo-a-day […]