Spring In2 ACTION 2012

WELCOME to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! If you’re new around these parts, we are so happy you’re here! You can get more acquainted with the Sisterhood by snooping around the Start Here page.

Spring In2 Action is our newest online, community-based NO FAIL weight-loss and fitness challenge! Seriously, and there’s no ‘magic’ pills or ‘cleanses’ involved!

Over the next 6 weeks, if you follow our ACTION plan, you will see results. Real results that you can feel good about, results that will stick because you are not just losing weight, but changing yourself from the inside out.

Analyze your goals – decide what you want to accomplish over the next 6 weeks.
Commit to a plan – how are you going to achieve your goals? Put it on the calendar!
Track your progress – Journal, journal, journal. Whether it’s on your blog or on paper.
Inspire yourself and others – Supporting other people will inspire you to do your best.
Overcome your fears – Face them head on, and realize you’re strong and can do anything.
Never give up – Enough said. Quitting is not an option.


This is a weight-loss AND fitness challenge, and Melissa has put together a kick-ass fitness challenge for April. Literally. We’re challenging you to join in our Kick-Ass April Challenge where you’ll work your tail off daily with….well, I don’t want to scare you, so you can find more information about Kick-Ass April right here.


Who doesn’t need a little extra motivation, right? Well, this week we are giving away a $20 Amazon Giftcard to one lucky winner! To win, we want you to take the A in Action by the horns. Analyze your goals this week. Visualize where you want to be in 6 weeks……6 months. Create a Motivation Board – it could be a cork board you hang on the back of your bedroom door, or it could be a virtual board where you pin stuff on Pinterest. Either way, we want you to go and pin things that motivate you. Get creative!

On Saturday, we’ll have a separate Spring In2 Action post for you to leave your comment with a link to your motivation board. It can be a link to a blog post, a tweeted photo, your Facebook wall where you have a picture posted, or your Pintest Motivation board. And if you are on Pinterest, please be sure to pin our Spring In2 Action badge up there! Same with Twitter and Facebook! Share! We’d hate for you to keep all this awesomeness to yourself. You can also grab a badge to sport on your blog.

****You must leave your link by Saturday, March 31, 2012 at midnight PT. One lucky participant will be chosen via random.org and announced on the same post on Sunday!****


We are excited to be hosting our 4th Run The ‘Hood Virtual 5K & 10K on May 28, 2012. It’s a great way to break into running, or if you’re already a runner, a nice way to collect another race medal (because we know how runners are <—-medal hoarders)! Registered participants will score a race t-shirt, swag bag, and finishers medal! You can find more information on our Race Central page, or simply click below to be whisked away to registration. You must registered by April 20th!

Eventbrite - Run the 'Hood Virtual 5K/10K {Race to Remember 2012}


Remember how I told you this challenge was a one-stop shop for guaranteed weight loss? Well, we’ve got you covered on the menu planning as well! Head on over to our Shrinking Kitchen and check out delicious, healthy recipes posted daily – all from the Sisterhood test kitchen. AND, every Sunday we post a full week’s worth of meals complete with a printable grocery shopping list. Slap your mama, it’s true!


So let’s get down to the fun part!! Go jump on your scales (okay, don’t really jump)! Peer down at that number and then kiss it goodbye. Yes, blow it a kiss goodbye because you will never see that number again! Grab a marker and write it on your mirror and then X it out. Throw it a going a away party where you only drink water and eat baby carrots! Celebrate the fact that you’re here and you’re ready to Spring In2 Action!

Now that you’ve bid farewell to that number, go blog about it. Blog about your goals for this challenge, your starting weight, your hopes and dreams! If you blog, come and share the link to your post in the comments section below. Be sure to click on over to some other Sisters’ sites and show your support!

Disclosure: We at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC are not a medical doctors, personal trainers, or nutritionists. Before starting any new weight loss or fitness regimen, please see your doctor and make sure you’re physically capable.