Mad Muscle May!

May is almost upon us! In the past few months, we’ve gotten our abdomens bikini-ready {or at least tankini-ready}, and our asses are looking more fabulous than ever.

Are you ready for MAD MUSCLE MAY?

Once again, we have three exercises for you. The goal of these monthly mini-workouts is to fit in quick, repetitive exercises that will leave you feeling confident and strong by the end of the month. These daily workouts can be tailored to your individual needs, as well as modified to your personal level of fitness. We encourage you to focus on your form with each and every rep.

Get to know these exercises, because for the next 31 days you will be eating, sleeping, and breathing them. Cue dramatic music.

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I now present to you…
{click on the exercise title for demonstrations}

PUSH-UPS! Everyone’s favorite right? Focus on doing each push-up with proper form and control. If you are anything like me, you probably have trouble doing these on your toes. That’s alright, try a few, then if needed, drop your knees down to the floor for the rest. Throughout the month, try and increase the reps you perform on your toes.

TRICEPS DIPS! If you have sensitive wrists, try gripping dumbbells as you are doing the dip -this will take the pressure off your wrists. If you still have issues, think about doing triceps kickbacks or seated triceps extensions.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS! {Insert groan here.} Have I told you how much I despise mountain climbers? I suppose it’s time to make friends with them since we will be getting up close and personal all month.

Weeks 1 & 2, perform two sets of each trio, and on Weeks 3, 4, & 5, kick it up to three sets!

Print out the workout calendar below, tell your friends, and bitch and moan about how bad your muscles hurt let us know how good you are feeling by using the hashtag #madmusclemay! We’re on Twitter and Facebook!

Ready, set, GO!

Other workouts to firm and tighten…

  • Brittney

    I love this idea of using a month to gradually improve on a certain workout. Personally, I’m about to make May my 6 pack month, because I’m more worried about that region right now. You guys have put together an awesome site though! Keep workin!

  • Lori Gutierrez

    I just printed mine out! I love how you gradually improve your numbers and reps as you get stronger! I think I am going to have hubby get on board with me as well! 

  • Amanda

    I loved Kick Ass April, so I can’t wait to try the May one!

  • Angela

    I’m ready! :)

  • DebraCC

    I totally said on FB that I was going to do this and here it is the 3rd and I haven’t done it yet.  Can I use the root canal that I had on the 1st as my excuse?  No?  Okay. I promise I will do them tonight! Pinky swear.

  • Jenncolley06

    First week done – loving the slight progress. I’m looking forward to being able to do 3 sets of 25 mountian climbers by the end of the month – 75 total!!

  • Trudy

    Is there any way to get the Mad Muscle May calendar into something that google calendar can import? I would love to be able to “subscribe” to your monthly workout routines and have everything show up in my google calendar.

  • Sarah Spilly LaCroix

    This worked out so fabulously for me since I was really wanting to work on upper body this month. This has been great and I can’t wait to see what’s coming for June!