Women without diets – together we are stronger

Women without diets – the name of our foundation is a little perverse, a little addictive, and a little is supposed to encourage you to stop-how do nutritionists and psychologists talk about not losing weight? So what do we do? Can you eat as much as you want? Are we promoting obesity?

Women without diets - together we are strongerNo. We’re just promoting normalcy. For us, the flesh is an area for concern and respect. The body is us. In recent years, the media has created a dualism for the benefit of corporations: we are US, and our bodies are separate entities. So I’m like this, and my body is different. So I can fight it, I can change it, I can demand the impossible, I can want it to be different, “detached” from me.

And if it were me, I would have to accept them, take care of them and feed them, regenerate them. Our foundation was born out of rebellion against that assumption.

So-we said collective no!

Out of rebellion, that such treatment of ourselves not only happens and we call for it, but also often contribute to it. Talk about weight loss, about being a slim mom right after birth, articles about how to be fit in pregnancy, about how to eat to keep the line after 60 … all the time everything is about weight loss, appearance, ideal of beauty, thinness, and we have all sorts of adventures with the body, medical history, disorders, lack of acceptance. So-we said collective no!

  • No, anything that’s not normal.
  • No-to everything that is an oppression against ourselves, against women, against the plate.
  • No-to unrealistic demands. In the face of unfair assessments of ourselves.
  • No-to reduce US, women, only to an object, a model, a dune.

Sisterhood – The foundation was founded because we believe that together we can do more. Because sisterhood gives

huge power-we stop judging ourselves and competing with each other, because we have a more important, overriding goal. Fight for common freedom. Freedom of bodies. We women together have the power to change that for ourselves and our children. We want girls to grow up believing that their greatest value is their personality traits, their emotions, their intelligence, their creativity and their ability to get intimate, not whether they’re a size 32 or 34.

We want equality to be transferred to salaries, to the number of managerial positions held by women, to the presence of prime ministers and presidents in our country, and not to the fact that we have to focus only on our appearance and “please others” with how beautiful we look and how bravely we have starved in recent weeks, so that now we can wear these modest outfits that reveal a tired but slender body.

Food? Yes-let’s eat as much as possible

We want to make food from the name of something harmful and extremely threatening to a slim figure into something wonderful and nutritious. So that food and cooking are a source of pleasure and a way to take care of yourself. Food has great power. Eating well, more carefully, intuitively, we set our radars on longevity, on pleasure, on resilience and well-being. Not eating-we just get obsessed with eating, because if we limit something, we immediately reach for it with a doubled force.

Food? Yes-let's eat as much as possible

So what is it about women without diets? To eat. To feed. Nourish. And at the same time nourish and renew the deposits of self-respect. And together, we’re stronger.