How to Start Running Now

Start Running NowIf you’ve been toying with the thought of running, now is the time! It’s time to lace up those shoes and hit the road. Literally. So read these articles and learn how to start running now with the Sisterhood!

Couch to 5K, aka C25K– Read this great interview with Megan, one of our Sisters, who conquered the C25K Program. You should also read Erin’s inspiring C25K success story!

Where to Get Started with Running – Everything you need to know about beginning running can be found in this special Sisterhood Running Series.

Find the Right Pair of Running ShoesShopping for running shoes can feel intimidating. Never fear, because we have some great tips to make the process painless.

Nutrition for Runners – How to properly fuel your runs, whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight.

Common Running Injuries – If you don’t train properly, you’ll run into a plethora of injuries. Check out this series on the most common injuries and how to work through them.

Like our Run with the Sisterhood Facebook page – It’s  a great place to get your questions answered and find other people interested in running!

Running Questions Answered – If you have any questions about running, check out Coach Joe English’s posts! He answers YOUR questions every other Monday here at the Sisterhood! If you have a question he hasn’t already answered, you can submit one to and we’ll pass it along!

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